MVC 2: Air Combos Into Throws


God, I hope they close this thread. I’ve been playing MVC 2 for quite awhile and I still haven’t gotten this aspect of the game down. I know people can Tech Hit out of them and stuff, but I’d still like to know how to do this (I don’t think people tech hit THAT often). So, yeah. I need help. I really don’t know how to air combo into a throw with Cammy or Magneto and I would really really REALLY like to learn how.


Oh yeah…forgot about that little tid bit.

With Cammy, what works is a launch, sj lp, sj lk, press forward (I don’t know why here, but it works the best for me) and sj mp, and throw them with fp. When I try a regular air combo w/o finisher and throw, I either fall too fast, hit them with a punch/kick, or they block.

With Magneto, same combo. It works better for him though, for some reason.


Hmmm, do you play at the arcade in the mall?


YES!!! I found somebody here. I thought I saw a guy with a Murrieta/Temecula location so I was like, “Hm…I’ll put where I’m from and see where it leads”.

Yeah, I play there. I also play on my DC too. There’s not a lot of people there, huh?


Hmm, perhaps you have played me. I usually use MSP and own everyone. I have been using Team Combofiend every now and again lately too.


hmm…what i do is

launch, lp, lk, lp, hold forward for a sec, then throw, if you do succesfully get a throw, and your opp. does not roll, you can go for a otg, and launch them up for a killer bee assault, just keep practicing man, you’ll get it with more practice


Yeah, I have. I believe you said that I was “way better than most people here”. But, of course, you still beat me. I used the Strider/BH/Doom on you and Mags/Cyke/Psy.


Cool, you going to be there around often? I need some practice before the nickel tourneys.


Thanks, Daigo.

Oh, and I’ve been going less and less recently. School’s starting back and I have a tough load. Sorry, man. I’ll try catching you whenever I can. When’s the time you come there the most? I’ll try to catch you for a match or two.


I work a lot lately, and when I am not working I am usually with my girlfriend. I just try to make it there when I can. But, I am usually there on Friday or Saturday nights because that is when the most people show up.


one more thing…if your fighting a guy who cant roll, and you’ve perfected the throw thing, u can do this with cammy

do an air combo that ends with a hp throw, then when you hit the ground, dash at them like your on crack, and do c. lk, into c. hp, then do that throw combo again, then same as last time, go for a otg like the one i showed you, but this time end the air combo with a k.b.a super, 90 percent u cant use this, since everyone knows how to roll, and some can tech hit, which i find crazy


That’s some crazy stuff, Daigo. Does anybody have anything for Mags?


check out the mag thread, i dont have anything for mags, since i suck at using him, i like using low tiers, strider/doom is the only top tier that im able to use, not sure where cammy is


I was gonna add this into the Mag thread but it can fit here as well-(near corner) tri jump with rk,, c.fp, sj.rk, ad d/f,, c.fp, sj.lp,,, pause, throw with fk, (pause as the opponent falls; hit them as they fall),, hyper grav XX Magnetic Tempest-around 100% on Cable. The throw resets the damage. Ofcourse, this combo can be teched and mashed out of.


An easier 100% with Mags is:

launch, fk, ad df, lk, lk, launch, lp, lk, pause, fp throw, dash in and repeat, only after 2nd launch do magic series, ad up forward, mag series, hypergrav xx tempest. The fp throw is easier IMO because they bounce around and you just get your ass over to him to launch and there’s nothing he can do.

Also, his basic corner combo: launch, fk, ad df, fp, fk, d+lp, stick to neutral, jump up forward lp, lk, fp, fk, land and while still holding up forward on stick press fp quickly for throw, then launch to hypergrav xx tempest.


here are a bunch of throw combos with mag…the other cross up reset stuff is there cuz i posted this earlier on the mag thread, i’ll just copy and paste it to here…

stuff you can do off mag’s c.hp:

  1. basic air combo into flying screen, post flying screen mix-ups
  2. air combo, dash uf, air combo into throw
  3. delay sj cancel, throw
  4. hold down after sj cancel, lp, lk, ad forward, throw
  5. sj cancel up-back, 1234, ad df, throw
  6. sj cancel, immediately ad df, (still in air, but on other side of opponent) (juggle),
    (land), infinite into throw_cross-up_super_snap out)
  7. sj cancel, immediately ad d, (still in air, on same side as opponent),, c.hp…
    (mix-up with #6)
  8. sj cancel, 1234, ad df (under opponent),,, c.hp…
  9. sj cancel, 1234, ad d (same side),,, c.hp… (mix-up with #8)
  10. delay sj cancel, dash df, throw
  11. delay sj cancel (more delay than #10), ad df (to the other side),,, c.hp…
  12. sj cancel, sj.lp_(sj.lp,, ad df, x 1_2 (juggle), (land), (infinite into throw_cross-
    up_super_snap out)

  1., ad df…(this is where all hell breaks loose)…

1a. throw
2a.,, (land), throw
3a.,, (land), rejump, throw
4a.,, (land), (dash behind opponent), c.hp…
5a.,, (land), sj, immediately ad d,, (land),, c.hp…
6a.,, (land), tri-jump over to other side with,, c.hp…
7a.,, (land), c.hp, (#1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8 [probably too slow], #9 [same as #8],
#10, or #11), OR … sj.cancel, sj.hp (for flying screen), mix up post flying screen attack
8a.,, (land), [ x 1_2, ad df,,, (land)] <— repeat in brackets
for infinite, after however many reptitions you care to do, you can…
1b. rejump, throw
2b. x 1_2, ad df, (on other side of opponent) (juggle), (land), (
infinite into throw_cross-up_super_snap out)
3b. x 1_2, ad d,,, c.hp…
4b. x 1_2, ad df, (on other side of opponent) (no juggle, opponent will
land if you use instead of,, c.hp…
*this is excellent to mix-up with #5b, because although both involve crossing up to
the other side, #4b requires a high block, while #5b requires a low block
5b. WITH fast comboable assist (psy, cyc, tron…): dash underneath opponent (AFTER the
ad df part of infinite), + assist,, (assist hits),
then whatever
*this is excellent to mix-up with #4b, because although both involve crossing up to
the other side, #4b requires a high block, while #5b requires a low block
6b. WITH psy: x 1_2, ad df, (on other side of opponent) (juggle), (land),
rejump, + psy,, tempest

*with these #8a mix-ups, you can try doing 2 right next to one another for a double
     cross-up that might confuse your opponent...for example:
     c.hp,, ad df,,, land,, ad df,, dash back underneath, c.hp...

     this could be advantageous because after the first cross-up the opponent may hastily start
     blocking in the new direction, and then once he starts to do that, you go back to the
     original the above example the amount of added damage isn't huge, but if you hit
     the first reset, the chances that your opponent will successfully block the second one are
     very low.

 psy allows great flexibility in working resets in very fast succession.  
 an example (perhaps more practical, but less "guaranteed"):

 c.hp,, ad df,,, land, dash under opponent, + psy,, (psy hits), (juggle), (juggle), sj cancel,, ad df, (juggle), (land), rejump, + psy,, (psy hits), then whatever...

 the above is just a typical example of two cross-ups executed very close together, and there
     are many other examples (especially with psy) of linking many resets closely together to
     make your opponent's brain just need to experiment and practice while keeping
     your methods random enough.

9a. WITH fast comboable assist:,, (land), dash underneath opponent OR stay on same
side, + assist,, (assist hits), then whatever…but if it’s psylocke…then it’s juggle, juggle, sj cancel - yumminess
*this is decent to mix-up with #6a, because #6a requires a high block while #9a requires
a low block…however, #9a is much faster and should probably be the one done more often,
with #5a thrown in if they start blocking either variation of #9a properly

NB: in any (c.hp,, ad df,, combos, i recommend always holding down after the
ad df and through the’s for two reasons: the timing window on the’s seems more
generous (to me at least), and by holding down you can execute the’s closer to the
ground, allowing any cross-ups to be masked a little better (especially the 2 variations of

if anyone has anything to add or correct, please do; i know this list isn’t comprehensive. thanks.


I’m the guy you’re talking about. And I dunno if I played you or not. BTW, Deus is pretty much the top player in the mall with me a close second. He kicks my ass most of the time, but I can get wins off of him now and then. And that means he’s not unbeatable:lol: .

I’m the guy who pretty much uses almost anyone from the top tiers mixed, while Deus here sticks to Magneto the whole fucking time. Oh, and I’m usually using Magneto against the local scrubs and against Deus it’s some anti-Magneto team like Spiral/Cable/Sent or Sent/Cable/CapCom… And the sad thing is, he still beats me now and then…:frowning:

Oh, and if you want to post some stuff up about Temecula, check out the Temecula Thread in PacSouth Forums. We’ll talk there and try to set up tourneys and stuff…


what about sent’s air throw after fly, I always whiff a j.FP


Just keep trying. Remember to pause even after you start to fly, then do forward+fp to grab them with Sent ( and most characters have an air throw thats the same execution. The pause is very brief though. Once you learn it though, it’s very easy.