MvC 2: Amingo , Cactus TIME!



Okie Dokie. I just got MvC 2 for PS2 and I know I am about 2-3 years late. So bear with me. I know the top tier and all so don’t come in here telling me I’m a scrub and stuff ( I already know that , you guys have to help cure my scrubitus )

I wanna learn how to play as Amingo. He’s just so damned cool. I couldn’t find a link to an Amingo thread in Dasrik’s sticky so I made this thread.

I’ve read somewhere that he’s like a poor mans Magneto.

Does anyone play as Amingo ?? , and can anyone help me. (Strategies , Combos , Teams etc )

Thanks a good deal in advance. :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ve taken a liking to Omega Red , Sentinel , and Guile if this can help in anyway… :sweat:


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Only one reply ?? :frowning: The Servebot thread got more attention then this.

Oh well , I guess I just have to accept he stinks and learn how to play as Omega Red / Sentinel / Doom. :frowning:


Give it time…

Amingo isn’t exactly Mr. Popular. :smiley:

As far as I know he’s a perfectly legitimate character. If you like him, play him.


Give it time…

Well he should be. How can anyone resist the awesomeness of a cactus in a hat.

I will become the greatest Amingo master ever. All shall fear his mexican rushdown. :lol: ( which shouldn’t be so hard considering only like 4 people play Amingo )


if your gonna jump into someone u gottause the rh. it hits 2-3 times so you can confuse your opponent. they’ll end up blocking wrong and u can get an air combo in there. if u hab a super u should use the lk,lk qcb+pp and that should do ok damage. you should haba good ground controlling assist cause he’s not the fastest of characters 2… amingo is really a fun character to play with.


first of all, why use qcf jab in ac when you can use qcf fierce…

and stop trying to combo law of vegetation, it does absolutely no damage. the only super you should ever use is blessings of the sun, qcf kk…

that said, qcf kk is a damn good super. does good damage, easy to dhc out of cos you can dhc even as it “ends”. amingo shrinks into the ground when he does it too, so it’s totally invincible to any aerial attack e.g. magneto. if anyone tries to launch your assist into ac, just do qcf kk and you’ll interrupt them

c.short is the longest ranged short attack in the game i think. it comes out instantly and punishes tons of stuff e.g. mag’s c.fierce any blocked c.fierce = free ac for amingo

amingo has nice corner combos, ac like someone mentioned followed by fierce rh. or just ac, then they fall, come down with magical 3 hit random rh that is almost unblockable.

little cute cactuses are good, if used properly. there’s an unblockable with him in the corner if you use sent ground. jump in rh, s.jab s.fierce + sent ground xx qcb rh? the grabbing cactus… then sent ground hits, dash in jab strong thc or qcf kk… cactus grabs even in block stun, so half way through the super they get hit

erm that’s about all i can think of now… :smiley:


Could someone list some teams?

Hearing about those cacti mercenaries just gave me a big Amingo craving. I’ve been looking for a second team anyway.

Edit: Oh, and what assist should I be using?


Now this is good stuff. Hopefully our lil Amingo thread will now start moving towards the right direction.

Lets see some more 'Mingo stuff ! :smiley:

( VS is practicing as we speak , he needs to work on timing and all that bric a brak )


well i love amingo he’s the shit. and i used him with storm and cammy. when you call out storms alpha assist it give’s you a chance to rush in and do a jumping rh. then for his air combo. do this:launch, SJ, lp, lk, lp, lk, lk, lk,

              the last two kicks should be timed just right and then you can link his qcf+fp after the 3rd kick. if you're in the corner though use qcf+lp and then you can connect a a fp then rh after.. its a semi ifinite because after the fp rh you can otg them, but it takes timinig and luck because they can roll out an they dont always get placed right.. 
               as for his supers his vine super is his best, but you can combo his flower super with this. lp lp hcb+PP the cool thing about this super is if you dhc into cammy's hcb+kk super they will be suspended in air perfectly,same goes for any super that you dhc into. so i don't find it completely useless.. 
               i used to do the flower super then dhc into cammy's hcb+kk and then dhc into storms hailstorm and take mad damage. plus it looked cool. then people started to discover strider/doom and the multiple ahvb with cable. and my amingo became obsolete. =T i still  play him though im too stubborn to give him up. lol


I know this is off topic like hell, but that is one sweet av. Large vegatables>me.


Ah who cares , this thread died a long time ago. Stupid MvC 2’s unbalancedness. :frowning:

Thanks though. I made it ! Go Los Plantanos !.


Send out the little kick cacti (qcf + hk) then call sent , qcf + P then send out grab cacti (qcb + k) wait for the grab then qcf + pp Flower super.


amingo thread? how strange! I thought everyone would be too busy in the cable/psy/mag/storm/sent pages!

Amingo is probably one of the most underestimated chars in the game. To combo in his qcb pp super: (very effective and flashy combo:,, qcf lp (otg) XX qcb pp.

Yes they can roll out, but most dont expect this combo. Also, amingos launcher can otg after a hk sweep.


Awesome range, great priority, relatively fast, can combo into qcf hp. The list goes on. Keep the amingo comin.


erm just spaz on lk after the normal ac and you’ll do the short forward after, no timing involved :slight_smile: and his corner ac is not a semi infinite because after qcf jab, fierce rh that’s flying screen, even if you otg you can’t sj again. :smiley: and they can’t roll for the same reason, it’s flying screen :smiley:

NEVER EVER EVER EVER DO QCB PP there’s absolutely no reason to ever do it. placement for dhc? blessings of the sun does that as well. damage? good god unless you play on highest damage setting his normal ac does more. wait EVEN if you play on highest damage setting his normal ac does more. well it’s cute, but amingo has enough disadvantages as it is, don’t make it harder for yourself to win by wasting a meter on a super that does nothing. if you want to look cool, do s.jab s.fierce xx qcf jab xx qcf kk before the pumpkin drill reaches them, you’ll end up getting full damage from blessings of the sun cos they get hit right next to you on ground.

amingo im psy is nice team :slight_smile: but amingo’s assists are next to useless, can’t even set up im infinite hahaha


I used to play this cactus. He’s pretty fun.
I don’t have Marvel to test stuff out anymore(I think I’m going to go buy it again today.) but I’m pretty sure he has a couple of infinites. Corner:, [lp Onion Dash,]. Try that in the corner and see if that works…I think he has another one off of his vine grab or Psylockes AAA. I forgot how it goes though :confused: .
When I played him I just tried to pressure my opponents to the corner and fill the screen with crap while throwing out his high priority moves :smiley: :wink: :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: .
Usually I just laid out alot of those cacties, while calling out Doom or Sent. And the reason why I tried getting my opponent to the corner, is because most characters have damaging corner combos including amingo. Well, I know this wasn’t must help…but If I get Marvel again today, I’ll test out some combos and infinites and post them. Because I think I might start playing Amingo again for fun.


Well I think it’s helpful. At least someone is contributing. GO AMINGO ! goes back to learning how to play

         lol. yea that "semi- infinite"  that is really isn't one was taught to me as a semi-infinite. i always wondered why i couldnt pull it off. i feel dumb for trying all these years. lol. and i know that his qcf+PP doesnt do jack and is worthless, but i like the feeling when i mess sum1 up with a funny ass super like that. 
         i wish people would start using more characters like  amingo then cool threads like this wouldnt die out. in wake of a million irom man or cable threads. i mean there are like 56 characters yet people only use like 8..


For the guy that said never ever do qcb PP, i say dont be so harsh. Amingos qcb PP special does only 3 measly damage points less than the qcf KK special. 3 MEASLY DAMAGE POINTS. Where do you get off saying that qcb PP is a completely inferior special than qcf KK?

What about the combo factor? qcb PP can be comboed in much easier and in many more ways than qcf KK. Also the DHC Factor is great in qcb PP, you just have to experiment.

qcb PP is a pillar in my amingo game, and if you dont use it at least twice a match, youre not using amingo to his full potential.


are you sure? hrrrm… i stand corrected then.
i dunno, when i do law of vegetation it does like jack shit… the opponent’s health bar barely moves. blessings of the sun seems to do a lot more… plus blessings is “safe” chip if they airblock it

shrug… to each his own… to combo qcf kk just use the combo i posted earlier, really easy to do and looks nice


If you can actually hit someone with Amingo, go with his air combo, it’s damaging enough. I’d rather save his meters for someone who can really make use of them.

However, Blessings of the Sun is a really good anti-air super, since it’s instant and invincible, and even if it’s air blocked it’s totally safe, plus it does good chip. If it hits it’s got much better DHC options than Law of Vegetation. After it ends you can DHC out to anything from Sent’s HSF to Proton Cannon or what have you to rack up the damge.

Law of Vegetation is a hella fun super, nice and insulting, but it doesn’t exactly improve Amingo’s gameplan. As I said, doing his air combo is a much better option. It also DHCs pretty well though, but occasionally supers that will connect after Blessings will miss after Law because Law sends opponents flying up in their dizzy animation during a DHC.

Not hating, just giving my opinion.

Anyway here’s a combo I do in the corner once in a while:
Launch, SJ. Jab punch, SJ. Short kick, SJ. Strong punch, SJ. Forward kick, pause, SJ. Short kick, SJ. Forward kick xx QCF + Jab, while falling hit opponent with SJ. Short kick, SJ. Strong punch. Land, opponent falls towards you, super jump up and throw them.

Nice damage because of the throw, but don’t get predictable with it. It does open up some nice guessing games though. Like if you think they’ll come back down with an attack to stop you jumping up to throw them, just do Blessings of the Sun… :stuck_out_tongue: