MvC 2:BB Hood thread...(revived)

BBhood thread

Ive been woundering if this chick is top tier or not.Her hunter super does great block damage.Also ive been wanting some vids on this chick if anyone knows where i can get some.So if you know where i can get vids or if you know some combos for this chick or anything post.And put down what you think of her.Thanks.

its not a chick, its an ugly witch, :run:
Anyway, I don’t think theres any video of her in a match.

Call out Zangief on throw assist (preferably mech version), catch the bitch and activate the cruel hunting super. That’s all you really need.

Please start posting the game before the topic wich it relates to.

I will start closing threads in 1 week if folks dont start listing the game properly.

I.E CVS2: Ken help
MVC2: Ryu’s super

BBHood is good, not great. She has some annoying stuff, though:

  • her fierce missiles knock down (which makes for one ingratiating assist).
  • jump fierce takes out a lot of stuff. Eats Doom AAA.
  • she’s pretty mobile. double jump, can go thru people with commando crawl, has a command super grab, so you can’t really mess with her
  • no jump-ins allowed. s.rh will trade with anything.
  • low short x2 into super is pie and takes off too much
  • her molotov cocktail can molest Sentinel

She’s no fucking joke when played with Cable and Sent with those two at her side their triple DHC can do 75% damage and about 25%+ chip block damage!! I was like WTF one day when someone did that shit to me and I think I had like Sent with about 30% health and he did that shit and I was blocking, but I looked at the bar and it went down quickly as hell and then bye bye Sentinel! I was pissed the fuck off at that bullshit! So I was determined to destroy his team with my Mag and my priority was BBHood (mainly because of the cruel hunting chip damage). Vengence was mine, but that shit is no joke.

BB has a command super grab?:eek:

I thought they took that command grab out for MVC2???:confused:
Anyway, I’ve been using Hood a lot lately and all I gotta say is abuse the hell out of her missle shots! It has almost zero lag and it charges so quickly that you can do an infinite in the corner with them, although it’s hard as hell (for me). Also, her air molotov special is great for keeping superjump happy people off your case. Don’t try it on the ground. Bad lag and start up. Don’t use Cruel Hunting against Cable with meter or Storm or most anyone else. HORRIBLE lag! Only use it to mess up assists and chip someone to death or punish a laggy move yourself. Her c.roundhouse where she craps out the mine can be pretty effective as well and a lotta people stumble right on them especially if she’s hiding behind Sentinel or Doom. (you can barely see her!)
Forget air combos. Her launcher sucks and her normal moves don’t have the best priority in the air. The ground is where she is most effective and with the right AAA and ground assists backing her up she can be pretty lethal!
My personal team is Hood/tron/cammy or capcom
B&b combos for me:, + tron assist, s.lp XX Cruel Hunting
fs. roundhouse + cammy AAA XX Beautiful Memory (personal fave!)

Hood/Sentinel/Doom is a pretty solid team as well. I think someone said that…:confused: oh well. I’m hungry… and I’m starting to hallucinate…:wasted:

The command super is Hyper Apple For You (QCB+KK), if you do it from up close (in range of BBHood tripping and falling) it becomes a grab.

Oooooh! Okay! So is Beautiful Memory considered a command grab as well?
It’s too bad they took out the invincibility of this move and her Tornado grab from DarkStalkers…:bluu:

Ive made up a combo with hood and spiral it goes like this.
Jump in lp,lp,land and call out spiral,lp,lp,f.p,molotov cocktail xxx cruel hunting.Ive made up lots more and ive seen her infinite damn that shit is insane missle after missle after missle geez :eek:.Anyways thanks for the info and when i have my combo vid ready ill tell yous guys.Later.

Are you sure? because I’ve blocked/had it blocked before and if you can block it, it’s not a grab.

It’s NOT a grab. She lunges forward towards your feet or whatever with two knives in her hands and that’s why it can be blocked.

Thanks. I didn’t think it was. I was under the impression that command grabs, um, GRABBED you lol.

hods super is unblockalbe not the water fall super but the one where she drops the mines after its over

and anyway your all forgetting her stupidley easy B&B

lp.lp THC

Apple for you is NOT unblockable. If you miss with it, or blocked, she proceeds to fall to the ground and these huge apple bombs spill out of her basket.
Rotendo, you’re thinking about Beautiful Memory and yes, it can be blocked as well.
I wish these moves were unblockable, Hood would definately move up in the tier rankings!:evil:

Yes there is, i have matches of bb. hood in them.

:eek: You do??! Where are they?? Share the wealth, man!

Please, unless you guys have experience with BBHood, shut up.

Try it. Do Hyper Apple for You on a close opponent. Have them try to block it.

I’ve done it lots of times.

b&b for bb: jab, short, jab, hold forward fierce, qcb fierce xx qcf pp
(or low short, jab, short, a little stronger and hits low)
This causes only the top set of guns to hit however, for much less damage, but there are certain assists you can throw in there to make them the right height. i know cable grenade works, and I think gambits cards, but I’m not sure…