MvC 2:BB Hood thread...(revived)

Well I’ll be. it IS a grab.

Is it that you have to block low?

OMG, it is a GRAB!!! Um put the computer to all guard, and they get hit. Hmm good stuff.

jsut wanted to say that ken expansn. seems built to set up CH super for hood.
also, f+hk is a good way to link into her ‘grab’ supers

Well hush mah mouth! Hyper Apple is unblockable (does happy dance!):smiley: I can admit when I’m wrong so be nice dasrik before I give you some tounge!:stuck_out_tongue:

edit: after playing around on the dc, i discovered the reason why my apple super kept getting blocked. I always did it while my opponent was in block stun from my assists attack and obviously you can’t throw anyone while that’s going on. So I just waited a split second later after the last sent. drone hit and BAM! worked everytime! Sweeet! Once again, I can admit when I’m wrong.

Hey guess what im going to be making a combo vid and im going to have some bbhood combos and so more shit.I dont know if ive already said this but after i put it on here with some help of my freind ill have it on here in a week or so.Well later.

I have test the apple hyper against my brother, ramdomly it doesn’t grab them, even with they are up close. They just holding down the block, and when she trip next to them, it doesn’t do anything but spit out apples. So my conclusion is that it grab people ramdomly.

If they’re in blockstun, HA4U won’t grab until either blockstun ends or the grab window is gone (it’s pretty large). That’s just the way throws work.

No, i play around with it, and it sometime doesn’t grab, even with no block stun.

just in case yall idn’t know, you can do a f.HP XX cool hunting… just combo in the f.HP and you got one hell of a ground combo… just do it fast

BB hood has cannibis??!? Yo, that’s HOT!!!

try this combo:

lp,lp,f.hp,dp lk cancel into Cruel hunting…

*there was already a BBH thread but I opted to revive it here goes…

Any tips/strats for her…???

I’d like to think that Buletta is a character I greatly excel with, being that I’ve been playing with her and refining her since day one. I was aiming on creating a thread of my own in her regards, but it seems I’m already too late. Anyways, this is how I play with her. Whether or not these methods are the most effective for the general populace is surely debatable. Thus what I say here is merely the way I make use of her, so don’t take it to the heart if there’s a blaring fault in my set of ‘strategies’. I don’t have damage percentage rates for her combos either, simply because at this point I throw them out without realizing the amount of damage done overall. On a last note, please pardon any mistakes I may make in terms of assigning the correct buttons. It’s not often I type out the manner in which I play. Right, so let’s get started!

First off, she needs to be kept on the ground. Don’t try and play any fancy air combo games with her. At most you can merely do the usual double jump into her DP+FK air combo, which will likely land you around 12 hits. Just have stay on the ground and leave it at that.

Make constant use of all her charged missles. Her LP and LK travel roughly around half the screen, while I believe the FP and FK go around 3/4 of the screen. Her ‘punch’ missles go high, whilst the ‘kick’ missles go low. Make note that the FP and FK renditions will knock your opponent down, thus leaving you with the possibly opportunity to OTG them into an air combo (or other things). Don’t forget of her ‘air to ground’ missle as well, which is done by charging downwards then upwards plus the FK button. Her FP and FK also do a good job of sequencing a simple ground combo to having them being knocked over (which once again allows you the opportunity for any OTG manuever you may choose). Either FP or FK make mediocre anti airs as well, whether you’re using her as a main character or as a projectile assist (which would be her FP missle).

Her jumping FP has some nice priority to it, plus the fact that it hits three or four times on the way down. Canceling it into the her QCF + LK & FK super is also an easy combo to achieve, both from the jumping FP or standing FP. Her standing FP doesn’t do that much damage, but it can be of great use when used with a cross over attack utilizing your assist characters.

On another note, heed attention to her standing FK. By far (in my humble opinion) the slickest move to be used in the game. Rather than giving her a simple kick, she is instead granted the means to simply drop a landmine from under her skirt. It may not sound like much, but it certainly has its good points. First off it lays on the ground for but a second before detonating itself, which is what makes it slick and possibly a good way to play mind games upon your opponent. By simply doing a standing FK you can make short work of the many triangle jumping fanatics out there. Being that they must come close to you and tend to land infront of your feet (using whatever character it may be) after their triangle jumping bonanza the land mine is in the pefect spot to simply knock them out and away from you, keeping you safe. The only thing to worry about is timing, as if it’s thrown out too soon it will detonate before they land, thus making it of no use; allowing your opponent to go about in slaughtering you in the typical fly about air combo frenzy fashion. Throwing it out too late, well you’d be dead by then now wouldn’t you? Secondly it has the weird (yet great) tendency to negate many supers that have already started upon you. Sound odd? Well it is. It’s basically the same defense against the triangle jumpers, but this time its used in terms of desperation. By dropping a land mine at the moment you may expect your opponent to land a super upon you (obviously one that need be utilized up close, or that was activated up close) your opponents super will start, possibly landing a hit (or two in some cases) and then suddenly stops all on account of that land mine. Crazy, but annoying to the opposition none the less. So don’t forget about that land mine, it may very well come in handy more than you imagined.

As for the rest of her normals and specials, well they’re not out of the ordinary. DP + LK acts as decent anti air, whilst DP + FK is best used to end any air combos. A jumping FK also knocks your opponent away from you (as it is her chucking another land mine at you), and though I don’t think it can be comboed into her QCF + LP & FP super it does leave a very, very miniscule amount of time to have your opponent possibly crouch, thus leaving them blocking whilst standing (making great use of the immense chip damage of her LP + FP super). Her crouching FK can be OTG’d, though you’re better off with such a course of action after hitting your opponent with an FP or FK missle.

Her supers are quite nice. Whenever you see that tiny window of opportunity always use her Happy Hunting super (I believe that’s its correct name). QCF + LP & FP. It deals massive damage if it connects, and even if it doesn’t it has excellent chip damage as well (great for those Sentinel players). Her ‘Grandma’ super (QCF + LK & FK) isn’t all that great, if only to use in conjuction to her FP. Her Hyper Apple for You is a doozy, as it lands low, aiming for that area of the body that most people forget to defend (that being the feet). If I’m not mistaken if your opponent is blocking and you do HP4U whilst in sweeping range it acts as a grab super, making it an even better tool in mind games.

I’d say that’s about it. Be patient with her, and when you’ve got your oppenent in the corner do a bit of the jumping in with FP and then aiming low. Don’t forget of her double jump. I may not be an expert with her, but I certainly love using her nonetheless. She is, has been and always will be a staple in my team.


good call master chibi… I’ve also been playing with her since day one…:smiley:


My B&B combo:LP,MP,F.HP buffered into Cool Hunting(?) super (I think this is a nautral B&B combo for most of the BBH players out there…:rolleyes:)

LP,MP,F.HP,DP+HK OR HP cancel into Cool Hunting (this works on smaller characters who doesn’t get the full hit of the super)

D.LK,D.MK,D.HK,F.LK(OTG) cancel into Cool Hunting or Beautiful Memory

LP,MP,F.HP,QCB+P cancel into Cool Hunting

more combos to come later…:smiley:

i know a combo it’s

jump in with hk. then the gun super
some kid killed me with it

for bb hood’s double jump AC, is it like Captain-A, where she does lp, lp, mp, dj, majic series, or does she just do the standard lp, lk, mp, mk, dj, repeat?

It’s simple really it’s launch then magic series,dj,and do the magic series again…btw timing is a little bit strict:D


Joy and rapture.

Does anyone know if you can OTG after her ‘Granny’ super? As the super goes about its business I hold back to charge her FK missle, releasing it once the super is done and over with (this is obviously in the corner). I was wondering if anyone’s found a way to OTG it somehow, possibly with the use of an assist or just with Buletta on her own.