MVC 2: Colossus

MvC2: Colossus 80% Damage?

Does anyone know how to execute a combo for Colossus that does 80% damage (to cable or someone like cable)? I have been trying to execute this combo, saw it on a video, but can’t get it.

j. hk, giant swing(qcf +p), land, B hk, hk (launcher) sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. lp, sj. power tackle (qcf +k), xx power dive (qcf +pp), D, k

I can’t seem to get the land, B hk part. Any help would be appreciated.

Previously I thought there was a dash in the combo, but it turns out that there isn’t one. Not sure if I have everything right, but help is appreciated

is the land/dash combo an OTG combo?

Land Dash OTG

I think so. What is the significance of OTG (on the ground). Are there properties associated with comboing OTG?

I remember such a video. So far as I remember though, after the giant swing, I always dashed in with an OTG,

As far as OTG’s are concerned, you can only peroform one true OTG per combo and true OTG’s ARE ROLLABLE. This means that this combo is not guaranteed. Still a nice combo none-the-less. However, also the OTG staus is reset by throws. Most people consider throws to be resets instead of actual combos because they can be teched. But I believe Colossus’s command throw (the giant swing) cannot be on hit. Depending on whether it really counts as a throw or not, you might be able to do things like…, qcf+hp, \ /, dash, OTG,, qcf+hp (OTG counter reset if counts as throw), \ /, dash, OTG,, / , lp,lk,mp, qcf+lk,xx,qcb+pp (or whatever the dive is). Still though… both OTG points would be escapable… that is if this even works at all.

Hope that answers some stuff.


Colossus is one of my best characters. I know this combo and it only works in the corner. This combo is a true OTG combo and CAN NOT be rolled. Reason being his spinning throw is a flying screen move (ex. Juggernaut Punch), and they can’t be tech rolled afterwards. This is a hard combo to pull off because the conditions have to be right. (1) They have to be in the corner; (2) the RK into the throw (hcf+LP) has to be realtively low to the ground but still in the air. (3) After the throw when you hit the ground do a short dash then d+lk, sFK(launcher) then the air combo from there. Its a nasty combo but hard to start off. The best way is with his Hyper Armor so that he will still hit them even if they are fighting back. It does about 80% dmg on the average character (ex.Cable,DrDoom) and about 60% on Sentinal. Good Luck!

back in the day I did an easier combo…

crossup, hp swing,, tackle, super tackle

can’t test the damage, my dc’s been broken for months…

If u want u can go to the atl south forums and go to the T.E.K. thread and look for a person named 2nasty, on his signature he has his MvC 2 vid and it shows that exact same combo ur trying to do laterz.

MvC2: Colossus 80% Damage?

There are a couple of ways to almost get 80%. of their health bar
yhis is what I usually do.

  1. Jump N fp, fp do the motion grab (this mustbe N the corner ).When
    they land do a low hk into the charge into the super. This is at least 50% on people like Cable , Strider, Akuma etc. on the other
  2. Jump in Hp, launch into the air ,lp lk,mk, hold towards and fp,
    and end with roundhouse. when you hit the ground, do a low lk
    follwed with a standing Hk(launcher) then jump in the air and throw them . this does the same amount of damageas the other

there is more but I’ll have to show you later…gotta go.

Re: MvC2: Colossus 80% Damage?

That’s DA GAME’s 2 combos that he uses also.Yeah the damage of that combo on Strider.Akuma & Marrow is enough to kill them.

Ya, so…I’m tryin to take up colossus. What are some sucessful tactics used by him(I can’t seem to find a reliable up to date Colossus faq)

Colossus best assist is anti air, but dash is usable.

Colossus’ fav. assist by far is Sent-Y for safe shoulder tackles and a way to get in on people (which colossus desperately needs). Sent can use Colossus’ anti air very well, too.

Colossus dies to most top tier strategies, (Run, zone/chip, trap, stomp) but does okay against rushdown, esp. in super armor mode. He was supposed to counter Magneto by going into super armor mode, doing a bunch of fierces until Psylocke comes out, and doing a powerdive combo on her.

Moves to use: J. Fierce, J. Roundhouse (WTF Colossus has a crossup?), low fierce, low roundhouse, low jab, shoulder tackles.

Combos (hah that’s funny):
Launch /\ 1234 xx tackle xx powerdive
Low Fierce XX tackle
He has a nifty corner one with a couple fierces, a QCF+P, a tackle, and a powerdive, but…meh.

Powerdive is weird, sometimes your opponent (MAGNETO) can low short you even if the powerdive connects, but sometimes they can’t. Also if Powerdive connects, a LOT of DHCs you wouldn’t expect will combo after it, HSF being the most useful.

Dang, I wish my friend was on this board, since he’s our resident Colossus expert…

Hmm, Colossus AAA being better than dash? that’s debatable. I think dash is better because it has no startup time (like Rogue’s dash). Oh well, I guess it’s just preference, so long as you can combo into AHVB, HSF, hailstorm, etc.

Colossus pretty much owns rushdown in super armor mode. Vs Sent, well, that’s another story…:smiley:

Black Cyclone

another combo to add to the list…

cr. lk, cr. hk, lk shoulder charge. it’s easy to do, and does OK damage. they can roll out of it, but since it’s such a short combo, most people won’t have time to.

Collosus…hmm…the most integral part of his offense is probably his down to up-forward motion shoulder charges…You can beat the hell out of most characters if you get this move down 100% and have a good assist backing you up…Almost any lock down assist works…Also you want to abuse his low Fk…Has tremendous range…also cancel into a shoulder tackle afterwards of course…

I personally have a easy time beating rush down characters with collosus really easily using the air-shoulder-tackle…It recovers quick as hell…almost unpunishable if blocked…I don’t have much of a problem with Sentinel either…Just keep jumping around until you see sentinel do his kick super and then cancel into collosus’s super…

Tackle xx Hyper Armor, walk forward while calling Spiral-A, and either tackle or standing roundhouse (or one into the other) until the timer runs out, repeat.

here is acombo that is hard as fuck to do with colossus, first launch and call doom out AAA xx super dive downward to knock into the rock, next wait for the right moment cause timing is everything and the super over again

about 11 hits can cause major damage

it’s all about using his super armor…

I try to play without hyper armor, because people just Run until it runs out.

There smart.:evil:

what’s his anti air assist?

the one where he does upward shoulder charge. I think its B. anyway, his A assist (dash) is way better. It plows through everything…beams, aaa’s, knives, drones, rocks, sent’s stomps…EVERYTHING. . It’s invincible.