MvC 2 Elementary School: New Student



Whats up folks. Koop here from the Atl North Family, trying to learn, actually this will be the 3rd time I pressed start to play this game. I would like to learn the basics of MvC 2. I see the vids, Ive witnessed the top tier players play but never understood the game. Well I finally sat my ass down and tried to play last night.

I had Cable, Strider, Guile. DO NOT ASK ME QUESTIONS ON ASSIST NOR TYPES, cause I didn’t know a damn thing I was doing. I just know guile from my street fighter days and stryder just looked cool and cable, well he’s cable.

My request to the Srk MvC 2 family…teach me. I have a chance to play with Tyranidman (issac graham), but not consistantly. The basics and terminology would be great to start with. I appreciate advice, tips, whatever (aka koops bored with CvS 2 and wants something new)



im in a rush, but heres a few quick things:

one thing u should do: read some character specific threads- this might sound obvious, but chances r, theres some thread like “how do u play cable?” or “can some1 teach me strider?”

if u want to learn those three characters as a team a lot o ppl will say, dont use those 3 together- if ur trying to get competitive, strider really only works well with doom (the strider/doom trap, which there r tons o threads on)

also, ppl will say stuff like “guile isn’t a high tier so he sux”- personally, i love guile, but he is mid-tier so again, assuming u want to get competitive, u might have to stick to god/high tier characters (although i think guile might have a chance at competitive use)

in case u dont know, god tier is storm, sentinal, magneto, cable

for cable- learn ahvbx3, guard break into that… but dont just vb all day long… use grenades and other stuff- yea, i hate cable, so i don’t know him that well…

anywayz… that was a fast post, i’ll prob bbl to write more…


The first thing would be to get your combos down.


My advice would be to learn about team chemistry + the game engine (particularly with respect to assists). Combos will come, besides that kinda translates from other games. The stuff I mentioned does not.

There are plenty of good players right around you that could provide some excellent personal instruction. Much quicker & more effective than trying to “read” your way into a decent Marvel game, IMO.

That being said, I’m happy to help out on whatever; just gonna need some specifics. :cool:


I’ve heard that Strider/Cable/Doom is a fairly decent team…

I love playing Strider/Doom, and if you can play it well, you’ll certainly be respected for that.

I’m not sure how you feel about playing Sentinel, but he’s a worthy character on just about every team. He goes well with just about any character…