MvC 2 Fight Sticks

Iam thinking about purchasing the MvC 2 Fightstick for SSf4. When was the release date for this stick? Ive seen alot of upgrade on sticks that were alot cheaper this this one, is there any need to upgrade the MvC 2 stick?

No, it already comes with sanwa parts, like every TE stick. they are all the same in terms of parts

November 18, 2009.

In regard to the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Editions, it’s best to choose which one you want based on aesthetics. However, if you’re like me and actually care more about functionality, there is no reason why you should get the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 FightStick Tournament Edition over the Super Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition “S”. The TE-S has the same old Sanwa parts as all the other TEs but has the added bonus of the lockswitch locking out the Start and Select/Back buttons as well, meaning you don’t have to perform the lockswitch mod. That’s what I’d personally get.

Thanks for the replys guys! You are right Ikagi, the MvC2 stick is a piece of art and thats why I am strongly thinking about purchasing it. What is the purpose of the lockswitch?

Well, if you’re not prone to the following condition, you should be okay without it, but let me explain it first.

On all FightSticks, be them Standard or Tournament Editions, there’s a little switch on the control module which when you activate it, it locks the module (hence the name “lockswitch”.) This is a good thing because it prevents you from accidentally activating something on the module like the Turbo button or the Xbox Guide/PS Home button on accident. Now, on the early models of Mad Catz sticks, the lockswitch only locked that little module and nothing else. On the TE-S however, the lockswitch’s functionality was further extended to disable the Start and Select/Back buttons. This came about because of a very popular and simple mod people did for the pre-TE-S TEs (demonstrated [media=youtube]g_iUXuqOTNY"[/media] by Tech Talk guy ShinJN) whose purpose was to prevent people from activating these buttons during tournament play. At EVO and a lot of other big tournaments, you usually get penalized in some way if you pause or interrupt the match somehow.

Having the lockswitch disable these buttons without you having to do any modding is something I think is a big plus. But, if the artwork is a big factor in your decision, then I say go for it. The mod is very simple as it is so it should be easy to apply to your Marvel vs. Capcom 2 TE should you want to do it.

I just want to mention that the MvC artwork has been recreated in the TE Template thread, if you have a full size plexi or want to laminate and glue the art, you can slap it on the TE-S, it’s just going to take a bit of resizing to fit on the full panel. I did it a while ago, not sure if I still have the psd for it though. Matter of fact, I still have the print I bought from Art, still unused and wrapped if you’re interested, just for the $10 I paid for it plus a couple of bucks shipping. Button cut-outs are still in tact. Point is, don’t let that art be the deciding factor in what stick you get, just about every design has been or can be recreated for any stick.

While this is true, the stock art does have a nice metallic effect to it which cannot be created in a regular print.

Very true, this is why I bought the MvC stick myself instead of using the print. All of the TE sticks have this sheen that no one can seem to reproduce. Still, under a plexi, any art will look good. Another good thing about making your own and putting it under a plexi is when you get bored with it, you can easily replace it.