MVC 2 How do i land dash combos?


Ok, first off… my normal team is Spiral, Sentinal (ground), Cable (antiair). So i don’t do any dash combos rly… its all chipping, stomping, and supers.

I want to learn how to play a Magneto, Psylock, Sent team, but i can’t really initiate any combos well. I’ve looked up the basic combos for psylock and magneto and can do them in training, but matches typically go:

I dash in, they block or beat my ass before i start my combo. How do i can get it to land safely? Any tips?


learn to tridash consistently. dash tridash lk will set up your short short psyblade


mix up your attacks. if you want cover for when you dash in the use an assist but you’re going to have to trijump based on howw they are blocking