MVC 2: Jin



MvC2: Jin Saotome

Does anybody have any strategies/combos for Jin?
Searching the forums for “Jin” doesn’t work
since it’s “less than 4 letters” XP


MvC2: Jin Saotome

The best wayto use Jin is too
taunt the press all the buttons really fast (I think) He gives himself an as$burn.


LMAO nice avatar!!! i think i should contribute…here’s what i do but i lose. XX punch super otg and i think dinamyte there. and you can do other stuff wit the otg


I wanna learn that combo that Yuta did with Jin where he uses Thanos with his bubble assist (capture type) after a few hits and continues on with the combo. At some point in that very same combo, he does a Blodia Punch, then C.Roundhouse otg hit into an air combo without launching? How’s that? lol I just loved the combo…btw he did it on Colossus!


If Jin is in the corner when he lands Blodia Punch, he can do an air combo or even specials afterward. Flying Screen seems to go away quick. Here’s a combo that does about 110 points of damage:

jump fierce, crouch short, Blodia Punch (charge down-back), c.roundhouse (OTG), jab typhoon, Saotome Cyclone

I’m fairly sure you can mash for quick getup, though. But nevertheless, it’s nice to know. You can also do stuff like dynamite or snapback after the c.rh…

Anyway… I use Jin but mostly for his assist. When it comes down to him on point, I try to land a launch into cyclone. I’m not all that great with him, but I know a couple of tricks… more later.


Having the good doctor as an assist for jin is great. Doom’s rocks really make up for the lag on Jin’s moves. Since Jin’s fierce(and medium) attacks chip, you can really deal some chipping blows on somebody trapped in the corner eating rocks. just hop up, and do his d+hk until the rocks are done.

Jin’s Blodia Vulcan is great for catching super jumpers. If they super jump over you, do a Vulcan, more often than not they get crossed up by it.

Sometimes Jin pushes an opponent out too far after a standing MP(launcher), so you can’t follow it up with the Great Cyclone. To avoid this, either dont’ attempt it after a jump in…if you do jump in with an attack, cut out the lp…or after the jump in attack, dash, then lp, lp(launcher).

To touch on what Dasrik was saying…
let’s say this is a screen:

L ------ |…| --------- R

Jin = i
opponent = b
L = left side of arena
R = right side of arena

  • = empty space

L -------- |…i…b…| ------ R

If Jin is roughly in that area(or vice versa on the other side) then it will be possible to catch them with another super after a connected Blodia Punch. If you are standing like the example, but there is nowhere for your opponent to fly(you’re all the way to the right side of the area) then it won’t work. There has to be a screen in between. Anyway, if you connect with the Blodia Punch, as soon as jin dashes over, do a cr. HK into another Blodia punch for great damage.


More tricks:

  • On diehard triangle jumpers, call projectile assist and do typhoon. Chances are good they’ll get hit by typhoon - cancel into Blodia Punch. This is really hard to roll out of.

  • Blodia Punch + Doom is totally safe when blocked.

  • You can land a lot of dynamites with Jin on point. Just be sure you’re well protected. If you like, though, you can just hold down jab while pressing down and if you see them approach in a jump, tap up. This flinch technique is really good to do once in awhile, but shouldnt be abused…

  • Jin’s jumping roundhouse (neutral) is a great move. Harass Sentinel with this if he stays close to the ground.


Ah damn, a Jin thread I already miss my chance to post all the good stuff already, Darisk and co. already beat me to it, lol, even mention the Doom Blodia Punch, geez, lol, that’s cool. What to say, hmm…

About the FS Blodia Punch combos, if you are in the middle of the screen, OTG with cr.HK, problem is that if players are already expecting this, they can mash to get up quickly like vs. Gamma Crush or Captain Storm OTG combo attempts. In the corner, its the same story too I think, but no one every mashed fast enough to get up when I connect one in the corner before, so I don’t know.

Anyways, when in the corner, use can use cr.LK or cr.HK to otg. In Joo combo vid, after the Blodia Punch, Jin super jump canceled the cr.HK into sj.LP which lead into Jin’s manual super jump infinite (which I can’t do as of late).

Here is a deadly combo that only need one level, like most of Jin’s deadly combos, it has to be done in the corner.

Jump in attack (either j.HP or j.HK), st.LK, st.HP, HP Saotome Typhoon (2 hits) XX Saotome Cyclone. Only need one level for that and it does crazy damage.

Any other time, if you connect a hit, you should go for his LP, st.LP, Saotome Cyclone combos which deals great damage itself. You shouldn’t really be abusing Blodia Punch that much unless for killing assist. The Blodia Punch can also trigger the “unblockable glitch” at times like Magneto’s Magnetic Shockwave.

Jin’s Blodia Vulcan is semi DHC friendly. Its a good move to switch Jin out with if you’re against an opponent who can’t punish Jin during the start-up, then DHC into a safe super. If Jin is second, then if the character before him connected his/her super, then DHCing into the Blodia Vulcan is the best choice sometimes as the bullets holds the opponent in place nicely and you DHC again into a stronger super.

If the Blodia Vulcan connects, mash on the punch buttons in this pattern, LP, HP, LP, HP, LP, HP…etc. Kinda in synch with the bullets. The Blodia Vulcan can do the most damage out of Jin’s supers if mashed right.

Darsik already mention the Doom Blodia Punch which makes calling assist Jin very risky sometimes.

I recommend Jin to always be with Doom as Strider goes with him. Jin/Doom just works well for each other. Doom covers Jin’s lag on his moves which has high priority and when Doom is on point, Jin’s AAA shuts down anyone who is near him, so its a good tradeoff IMO.

Jin/Sent can work the same way to a point, but I feel better with Jin/Doom than Jin/Sent, besides you don’t get the Doom Blodia Punch unless, of course, you have Doom, lol.

With either characters with Jin, you get free Saotome Dynamites which means the opponent can have a very hard time getting near you, even the most rushdown able characters. Just each time you do the Saotome Dynamite, make sure you call Doom or Sent to cover his lag. Saotome Typhoon is useful to for the point Darsik made above. I’m not sure…but I think the Saotome Typhoon has a few invincible frames during start-up so that’s probably why it works so damn well.

You can use Negative Edge to walk foward a bit while charging the Saotome Dynamite. Problem is that you can’t walk foward too long or you lose the charge, its still cool to see Jin walk foward first then, bust out the Dynamite. There is no real edge in doing this though.

j.HP is best used vs. ground attacks and j.HK is clearly his best air to air move. His Launcher has decent priority, but not the best launcher wise, characters like Strider, Storm, etc. beats him in that area. Plus the fact that you have to press DF+HP to do it normally kinda sucks. The Cyclone Kick should never be used outside of a normal jump or you will get Jin KILLED.

Jin has no real good pokes except his cr.LP, his cr.LK is too laggy to be tossing out which sucks cause the cr.LP can be blocked high or low making blocking against Jin not a real challenge. A good thing though about Jin is that he does chip on all his normal moves with flames on them, 1 points worth of chip for his medium attacks, 2 for his hard attacks and 3 for the Cyclone Kick (1 point per hit). Another reason to pair him with Doom or Sent is that even if the opponent blocks, Jin is still getting in his damage.

Assist wise, always go for the AAA, just 100% anti rushdown or anti-anyone near you for that matter. Some people like his Expansion his which sets up for some combos and some say it has invincible frames too, which I’m not too sure of, so whatever floats your boat.

Jin biggest weakness is against runaway and some characters who can play a good keepaway game which is most of the top tier, so I don’t recommend Jin on point alot of times, but when on point, at least you’ll know what to do.

Jin has two infinites and one manual jump infinite.

  1. In corner: st.HP, cr.LP, repeat.
    This only works on Megaman, Roll, and Servbot, so if you ever are against this, you’ll know they have an infinite with their names on it, lol. I did about 2 reps of this on the Shotos before…but the timing was way too strict. It also works on Colossus too, but the timing is strict against him as well, but not as hard as against the Shotos.

  2. The other infinite is of course, his taunt.

  3. The manual super jump infinite you saw in Joo’s vid. I never really sat down and tried that jump infinite before, my friend (BlueNu) told me an infinite for Jin like that about a year ago before I even saw it in the Joo vid, but I never tried it, maybe I should have thought, cause ever since I saw that vid, I been trying to do it now, but with no luck, lol.

Hope that helps…


That helped me ALOT!! Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it!!

Im jealous though:( , you know about one of my favorite characters more than I do! Well anyways, good job and thanks for the help!


Dasrik and the boys have pretty much touched upon some of the do’s and dont’s of Jin.I’m good with him and he’s my fave character (just look at my fucking av).Anyway,a lot of times I tend to Downward HK Drill (that gets you 3 hits along with a stun).During the stun,I do the LP x2 launcher and then I SJ and follow it up with the standard LP,LK,LP,LK,HP button scheme.The funny thing about that air combo is that Jin will mostly land on the other side of the opponent and since most players are used to blocking the other way,they’ll inadvertently leave themselves open for another air combo (I did three in a row).It’s a pretty good way to catch someone off guard.I usually just to his HP throw or I do LP,C.LP XX Blodia Punch.Someone might call me an idiot because my MVC2 terminology isn’t up to par but it’s rather hard to show someone only through words.Correct me if I’m wrong.


Which assist do you use Saotome Typhoon(a) or Saotome Dynamite(B)? I use Saotome Dynamite


Dynamite assist. Just say No to crossup attempts :smiley:



kills strider/doom…if anybody is having trouble with that, give old Jin AAA a try.


Thanks, everybody…
I hope I’ll be able to apply what I’ve learned here onto some matches.
Though I would like to know how to OTG with a crouching short after a Great Cyclone.
I only saw it done in MikeZ’s 5th combo video (if anybody saw this, does anyone
know the music he used? I love the What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor remix ^_^)

Also, does anyone know a good way to set up a Great Cyclone with Omega Red’s
alpha (throw) assist?


It depends on how far the opponent is tossed up during the Saotome Cyclone (it goes by many names, I like just like calling it this).

You can OTG with the cr.LK or Saotome Dynamite, the Saotome Dynamite is easier to OTG with since it comes out as fast a jab, with the cr.LK, the opponent has to be kinda high in the air after Jin toss them in the air so youhave time to recover fast enough to throw in a cr.LK in there.

Since Jin’s cr.LK is about as fast as most people’s medium attacks, you have get the timing down good.

I don’t worry about OTGs as much with Jin cause opponents usually roll, and when Jin gets the hit, you better make it for all its worth. But if you just want to show or be flashy, then that’s cool too I guess.

What do you exactly mean setting it up off an Omega Red Throw assist? Omega Red tosses them in air for a while and its pretty easy to connect the Saotome Cyclone with, unless you mean some fancy combos involving Omega Red’s Throw assist and Jin’s Saotome Cyclone?

Also the little thing Saotoiblood mentions about how Jin ends up on he other side on the opponet could be useful…but I dunno. I haven’t did it in a real match cause I didn’t want to risk it, but here is a “reset” combo with Jin…

When you do his launcher, slowly go sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.LP, sj.LK…you should be behind the opponent, now do sj.LK, sj.LK again, land, QUICKLY, dash over to the other side of them again before they land and do, LP, st.LP…

It looks like Jin is zigzaging around the opponent and when you land, it looks like Jin is behind the opponent, but when Jin dashes, you’re throwing out the LP, so when you get behind the opponent, if they are holding back, they get caught in the combo which can lead into Jin’s Saotome Cyclone or another “reset” AC. You don’t have to dash to the other side of the opponent, it just an option you have of crossing them up, you can stay on the same side after the sj.LK, sj.LK…it just a mind game you have to play the opponent.

Like I said though, I didn’t want to risk this in real battle cause I didn’t want to mess up my chance to do damage or give my opponent a way to counter it. The opponent can just block the other way once Jin behind them trying to do the sj.LK, sj.LK and they will if you try to abuse the little combo, probably good to just toss out every once in a while.


The problem Im having with my DC MvC2 is that sometimes when I try to otg with C.LK after Jin’s Great Cyclone super, the game for some reason recognizes the C.LK for C.LP O_o???!!! Freaking gay!


Thanks for the tips peeps.


I meant in general, whether part of a combo, or a way to set up Omega Red’s assist…
Something in the likes of:
(from full screen) Call Omega Red, standing roundhouse, Cyclone…

Red should connect before they recover from
Jin’s roundhouse, and his throw will give you plenty of time
to give your opponent a trip through the stratosphere, courtesy of the Cyclone…

I’ve only done this in training mode since I’m not sure about its
effectiveness in mid-battle, especially since it’s at full screen…

I also connected the Blodia Vulcan using Red’s assist, even though
he were tossed up over the Vulcan’s normal range… I have to look
further into what I did and see if Red can also set up a Vulcan assist…


My Jin, babay!

One little trick that I came up with it…yes…the Saotome Rush combo. While its not very damaging…only doing about 1/8 damage…it looks very cool. Lead in with jumping fk {Drill Kick}, lk, hcb+k for the command grab. 5 hit combo that surely surprized the hell outta everyone when I firsy unveiled it. Good thing is…you can abuse the hell out of it…and theres nothing anyone can do about it! mwahahaha. Follow this up with a taunt and you have the patented Saotome Rush as done by myself. Its even better if you use it as a finisher. That way…more taunt time…

Also…whenever you Blodia Punch someone from the far side of the screen…where it would cause them to go into fly…rapidly tap d+hk for the ground drill, OTGing into a very pretty Blodia {Sucka} Punch.Im not sure if that was posted or not…Ive read a bit too much this morning…

If anyone needs Jin help…Im the man in the Blodia 2 Custom pilot seat.

<<snatches a towel from his bathroom, and wipes himself into burning frenzy>>


well if you want to combo into Jis command throw you can go j FK, s LK, command throw
at least this does between 30 and 4o damage depending on who you get it on