MvC 2 TE Fightstick Question


Hi, I am looking to purchase a TE Fightstick very soon and according to Gameshark’s and Capcom’s website it states that the following fight stick is sold out.

MvC 2 Stick - Gameshark Store

My question is were there only a limited amount produced? If so, is this also the case with this model: Link



That’s funny. I was searching several B&Ms and I finally got one today. The MvC2 PS3 TE stick is pretty sold out everywhere online except from some Amazon sellers. Even Ebay seller don’t have them. Used ones go for about $200 and new ones go for around $240 shipped.


Technically, yes, every model was a limited production. Markman(madcatz) announced they were not making TEs, at least, none of them that are on the market. They had a lot of the “Round 2” version, and that’s essentially what the MvC3 sticks are, just with different art. Madcatz is trying to pull back on the flooding by producing less.


ahh I see. I was thinking of either getting this one (link) or this one (link). The first link has a different bezel and was wondering if it is uncomfortable on your wrists?

Also if I want the MvC 3 TE fightstick, could I wait like a month and still be able to purchase it? Like how quickly do these fightsticks become sold out?

Thanks again


There’s 5000 of them (per system). They’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They only made 2500 Chun Li TEs, and those still took months to sell.

The bezel really doesn’t make contact with your wrists, unless if you hold at a really odd position or have freakishly huge hands. I’ve never been bothered.


ok i just found out that the gameshark online store only ships to the US >:O. I was looking into getting the MvC3 fight stick, is the gameshark online store the only place that is selling them?


Worst case scenario, if you want a Marvel or Marvel vs Capcom theme stick bad enough is to mod another TE.
Upside to this is you end up with a personalized top panel and there quite a few options to choose from.


The warranty for the TE sticks is 90 days right? Also is there a website that sells premade artwork or anything like that?

EDIT: I found a thread that has some here. Link


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His artwork needs to be used with one of his plexi tops though, it’s not laminated iirc. Great if you’re planning on getting one though.

You can also order your artwork from gameongrafix highest quality but most expensive.

Or you can just take it to Fedex Office/Kinkos and get it roll laminated, which I think is preferred over lamilabel.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d clear up some numbers.

There are 5000 MVC3 sticks total. Not 5000 per system.

There are 2000 (per platform) of the Chun-Li sticks.


I actually picked mine up at a local Gamestop this weekend for 130.00. Worth every penny. If you have a local Gamestop its worth a try, especially since the Gamestop Canada website shows the PS3 version at 59.99…that has to be a misprint, right?


I called a few in my area but none of them carried them anymore. As for Gamestop Canada showing it at 59.99 probably has to be a misprint.

I was also looking into this one at amazon (link). It says it will ship in 1 or 2 months, why is that?


I’m guessing it’s backordered.


Because it’s shipped from Aksys.


That makes sense


So the TE Fightsticks are real nice to start playing with?

I have a Tekken 6 Wireless stick that I’m thinking about dual modding so I can play MvC3 on the PS3. If not, I’ll probably just buy the SFIV Round 2 TE Stick since it’s 120$ plus shipping. Which stick is better?

Also are the SFIV TE Round 2 sticks the same quality as the new MvC3 sticks?



The quality of the TE sticks is great. And the round 2’s should be the same quality as the MvC3 sticks.