MVC 2 Tourney at Chinatown Fair, NY NY 05/03/08

sup everyone as it says in the title the Marvel tourney is 05/03/08.
every one knows the rulez. If u don’t know the rulez or u have some other question hit me up on aim Bl0diavulcan. The last tourney had a great turn out and I’m hoping that this will continue. As always EVERYONE is welcome, so if u think ur good holla at me. If someone wants another tourney besides Marvel ran simultaneously, once again holla at me. I’ll do it as long as there are people willing to play in the tourney, but let me know ahead of time.


I am coming through.:lovin:

I’ll stop through… Haven’t been to NY in a min… Not planning to enter though, just wanna chill and prob play some casual. (If I can even do that because CF has the sticks of death) And I do wanna check out Arcana Heart 2 since our arcade has been slacking here in Philly.

Nelson, hit me up on my cell.

Well come thru my dude. U know u welcome. I’m not feelin the part about u not entering but owell get some casuals in. C u then man.

I should also be coming up this saturday too.

cool man. I’ll c u there. What time r u getting there?

By 1pm the latest.

Damn, people are gonna be there that early?
Philly’s arcade doesnt get hot til like 5pm.

Any non posted contests happening this weekend threadstarter?
A bunch of people from Temple are comin up there, and i wanted to see whas good.

3s maybe?

Nevermind, I can’t make it anymore. It was fun playing AH2 there yesterday though.

alright dude if u want 3s then i’ll try but i won’t waste my time unless i get at least 10 people there. If some one wants to volunteer to help run that tourney let me know. (cuz i’ll b buzy yellin at marvel playerz that don’t listen…lol)

Rulez for 3s
2 outta 3
double elimination
5 dollar entry fee
winner keeps character but is allowed to change there super art
loser is allowed to switch character and side
any player can request blind pick
judgment is not allowed
if i’m leaving something out, forgive me for that

Rulez 4 Marvel if u don’t know
2 outta 3
double elimination
5 dollar entry fee
winner keeps team (in the other they won with)
loser allowed to change team and sides
switch glitch allowed (like always)
any player can request blind pick

I’ll be there at 4 to take entry’s 4 both tourneys. See everyone there


whats good homie long time…Let queens know i wanna rock that CRACK mang,lol
Holla so we can get something goin homie.

most def my dude. Ima speak to Wiggy and c wats good.

yea my dude, im trying to let ppl kno so that we get a gud turn out, ill c u there

cool man. C u there

Great, I can’t wait for this, mad killer. I am winning badly.

I have high hopes for fair tournaments again!

You goin??

liston bryheem wants to know what’s the latest u can start the tournament? He will b there around 6pm if he goes.

haha bryheems commin? ask him if hes willin to run it back with arthur for the tie breaker!