MVC 2 Tourney at Chinatown Fair, NY NY 10/11/08

Sup every one…Oper@ Pr0duktionz is once again throwing a Marvel 2 tourney. I figure i should throw one since Seasons Beatings is the following week. Every one from NYC is hungry for competition, so i figure throw a last minute tourney.

Rulez are the same but if for some reason anyone doesn’t know them, I’ll b happy to fill u in…Just pm/im me and I’ll give u the information u need.

Time - 6:30

I’ll b there earlier to start sign ups…i’ve been pretty happy with the way the tourneys have been running lately…so ending too late doesn’t seem to b a problem anymore.

Entry - 10 dollars

Hope to see everyone there and if your going to Ohio I expect to c u there for your last bit of practice.

Liston :rock:

I want desmond pinkney 1st round.

lol…u got it

hey, i’ll be there as usual, BTW we should better start thinking about some sort of prize. I mean since…well even if you win you’ll take home like $100+ bucks. So is not very appealing, to say the least. I used to build costum sticks…maybe i should like build one for one of the torneys??? maybe is not that great of an idea but whatever i just wanted to spice things up.

that sounds like a good idea…that might bring up the attendance. We’ll talk about it soon.

Man this sounds awesome and i would love to participate…only problem is that I dont play MvsC 2 that much anymore xD

Question: Whats Seasons Beatings?

It’s the Ohio tournament. Look in tournaments and events.

Yo Gary bring my evo dvd please don’t forget

I’ll see you soon guy…

Suxz I won’t be able to make it to this one again cause I’ll be in japan… :frowning:

Good Luck to all the NY players going to Ohio…

I want freedoc first round

i might be able to squeeze in there since ill be in NYC and even don’t make it on time ( another tourney im attending in NYC) ill defeinetely hit up the casuals

aiight i got u…i won’t forget but just in case text me…lol

I want whoever first round…It dont matter im takin this shit…LIKE THAT

Your lucky I want to atleast win one, if not I would ask for you 1st round

I want Johnny Donuts first round. Please give me the worst player at the tournament first round.


EDIT: In fact, just give me a by.

i want sham first round!