MvC 2 tutoring thread



I’m not new to MvC2 at all. But I just want someone to teach me how to do mag’s rom infinite. I checked the thread for his infinite but i need someone to actually point out what im doing wrong. If you live near sf, their arcades at SFSU can be good place to learn. pleasee!!


Mag in anything. I can some stuff with him. but magentic grab to tempest I cant do for the life of me. I drop em before I get it off…


its all practice.

and you can look on the SRK wiki ti learn the ROM infinite. Patience and timing is key. I just got it like a month ago.


yeah I really need to get it down… I still have the MVC2 for DC but my DC is broken!!!


Sup, im new to this forum and this game, so i could use some tutoring or just sum1 that wants to kick my ass until i get better. send me a PM or message on live, my gamertag is RollTide8569. Peace out


The Rom infinite is basically Launch, (Superjump, Lk, Mk, Airdash DownForward, Lk, Mk Land)

repeat the brackets. Practice Practice Practice