Mvc 3 is a horrible game

Because with only a week of press releases and no gameplay footage we know that this game will be complete ass. Yeah, that’s perfectly reasonable and worth multiple threads.

Also, cheese is a delicious snack.

Cereal is better than Marvel 2 & 3.

Keits must be off today

Why does this thread even exist?

damn op really gets it. hopefully everyone else catches on.

This game gonna suck beacuse everyone already played it in the future,came back in time, and came to warn us not to get it

My god. It’s like all the dipshits from FGD are migrating here. All we can do is pray.

For record the op is being sarcastic

no shit sherlock

^ I love saying that so much. I also love telling people I love saying that.

god bless the post

i just love all these sarcasm elitists

sarcasm and elitism go together like peanut butter and chocolate. tastes like shit tho. you want a bite?

freaking vile, man

I’m not buying the game if Tron Bonne isn’t in.

fuck tron, she looks like a fucking soccer mom. I will never get the following behind that old bitch.

tron is my favorite character >_____________________>

she is so moe~desu

just wanna go on some misadventures, hang out w/ servbots and stuff

I dunno man, I never played a game with her, so I can’t speak for her character, but when I google her and get this shit on the front page, I just don’t goddamn know