MVC 3 Korea/Japan Xbox/Ps3 Tag Thread


Hi everyone, since I haven’t been able to find any place to play MVC3 outside in Seoul yet (there must be a PC 방 with a xbox somewhere??), would love to post xbox and ps3 tags here so that some of us can play with eachother online.

I was playing with a korean friend yesterday online and as long as you are playing jap/korean players there is virtually zero lag. It’s pretty much the same as the offline experience. :slight_smile:

Please post like this:

  1. platform

  2. Tag

  3. Usual time playing

  4. misc stuff

  5. xbox 360

  6. floor16

  7. night time usually

  8. It would be nice to find a PC 방 to host some local fun tournies from time to time… I know you mvc3 players are out there. :slight_smile:

To help people out, over at ruliweb (korean game community boards) i found a post with a bunch of tags from koreans that are playing this game. My Korean still isn’t very good, and as always, the site requires a 주민번호 which means i can’t sign up to tell them about this site here. :slight_smile: Link:

I hope we can get a small community going so that we can have quality people to play any time of the day. :slight_smile:


LOL DUUUUDE you’re crazy about marvel! why don’t you check srk more often??? hahaha

  1. xbox360
  2. SPIDERTAO but u already know that
  3. night time on weekdays and random times on weekends depending on my gf’s work schedule
  4. i have an account on ruliweb but they changed their policy so now they need like an official korean designation number. the other dude who plays in korea is “shortroundisben” i think, u can get his actual gamertag from my profile. the dude plays almost as much as i do but not so much anymore cuz he’s getting tired of playing just me haha

and wow, u get lag free matches with JAPAN? i get mad laggy matches with lots of japanese players. at least half are lag filled and i have ridiculously low rep cuz people keep avoiding me =(
any chance you’ll tell me what kind of internet you’re running? are u at a brand new officetel or something? i’m at like a 20 year old apartment complex so my internet is dependent on when korean students are at home. i’m supposed to be at 100mbps but it’s hella slow during peak times.

  1. xbox360
  2. shortroundisben
  3. nighttimes and weekends
  4. spidertao is a scrub. and ruliweb forums for mvc3 are completely dead


Well I wasn’t able to drag anything else better in 한글 up from my naver searches then ruliweb. ㅜㅠ If you have suggestions they may help people here find a larger network to play with :slight_smile:


Honestly outside of a few holdouts on xbox live the scene for the game is pretty dead as far as I can tell. Would love to be proven wrong but time spent clicking through countless cafes on naver indicate its pretty unlikely.


The game itself is pretty good, imo. I guess the reason much of it is dead is because Koreans have never really completely gotten into fighting games? Also, Tekken 6 seems to take up most of the scene. Who knows what the future holds, and as long as there are a few people playing, what does it matter?:slight_smile:


Might as well extend this thread to general FG gamertags within Asia. Taiwan gets decent connections to Korea/Japan I think in at least SF4, and that way the entire region has their own tag thread.

Like with this format:

SRK Username: Missing Person
Location: Seoul, Korea
Xbox Live Tag: WatCnBrwnDo4U
PSN Tag: IQitFOR24
Games Played: SSF4, MVC3, T6

Then you could group it by country, so you’d have a section for Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, China, etc. etc.


oh shit, TAIWAN, i totally forgot about taiwan… but when i check on the leaderboards, EVERYONE is JAPAN
so i’m guessing taiwanese people set their region to japan too when they play. maybe those are the dudes i get pretty lag free matches with. and the singapore scene apparently only plays offline lol and the philippines is all about the ps3 haha


Is Korea and Japan both separate regions or are they grouped together?


I would just group them by country, yo.

I think Gamerbee has his flag set to Japan too, but the lag freeness to Taiwan is pretty well known.


korea and taiwan are grouped together when searching for xboxlive matches =)


Andrew Kim
xbox: SRK andeR
psn: andeR-SRK
1AM - 3AM M - F
Games: SSF4 AE, MVC3

  1. platform - 360
  2. Tag - mrmanuke
  3. Usual time playing - evenings on weekdays or any time on weekends
  4. misc stuff - I’m in Fukuoka, Japan, so I’m closer to all of Korea than I am to Tokyo


damn good games mrmanuke last night!! i’m glad u read this srk page! let’s play again
i’m seriously gonna call my internet company cuz evenings are retardedly slow. it takes 5 minutes to load a google image search and when i’m not doing stuff for work, i’d prefer to be gaming and with a slow internet that’s fucking gay! hope u get to play shortroundisben cuz he is geographically as close to japan as possible from mainland korea. if we play before 7 and after 1ish, my connections are pretty good. how are ur connections to japanese players?? flawless?


Good games! I’ve played 1000 ranked matches, mostly against people in Japan, but some in Korea too, and had flawless connections about 99% of the time. It’s awesome! I think I may have played shortroundisben before too. I’ll have to send him a friend invite tonight. That sucks about your lag, but you seem to be totally used to it.


OMG 1000 ranked matches with no lag? that makes me wanna cry… i’m like 50% sure it’s something wrong with my internet connection. like shit like google won’t load and i’m downloading an attachment from gmail at 4kb/seconds on my supposedly 100mbps internet connection. i actually think i have played u before too, but before when the game was newer, i definitely haven’t played you this month. but in all honesty, my connection with u is so playable for me that i’m looking forward to the next time we play HAHAHA like it’s a breath of fresh air for me haha
oh and btw, are u still finding ranked matches in japan? it’s been dead for me this whole week =(


I think your connection must be pretty bad then. I felt totally like a fish out of water playing with that lag. Do you think having to play with lag has affected your character choice? I think your play style is really good in general, and especially effective online, where it’s harder to block mix-ups. I’m not complaining. I definitely want to practice and get better against you.

I did notice last week that ranked is getting lonely. I’ve been able to find 2 or 3 people online in ranked most days if I go and try to search for matches at different times in the evening. A few weeks ago I was able to fight 10 or 15 different people in one night, and even more on the weekends. I played about 80 ranked matches over a period of 5 hours one time. Like you said, everyone has probably gone to AE, which is disappointing because I have no interest in that game. That’s one reason why I started messing with the hitbox controller. I can play Arcade Mode and still have a totally challenging experience just learning how to use the thing.

I’m hoping that someday a new version of MvC3 comes out, or DLC characters, just to get more people back online. If not, I’ll probably be playing 3SOE.


Manuke, I think it’s a broader problem that has slowly crept up over the last ~ 2 months. I regularly do speed tests outbound to japan and america and these days the connection is so horrible that I actually brought the issue directly to an area manager for my building’s internet connection (will hear back about that today or tomorrow). Compared to 2 months ago, where streaming youtube vids was actually possible, these days, any sort of download from an american or even japanese server is horribly slow. I am pretty sure there is a massive QoS or bandwidth problem that has occured on the lines heading out of Korea going east to japan and America.

Of course, speeds inside of Korea are just blazing fast (90 Mb/s + up and down), but holy crap doing anything from outside of the country is almost slower then dialup.

Hopefully I can update you all once i get some higher level opinion on the matter.

Btw, I am sure me and Tao are on different internet providers here, and my lag to japanese/any other players besides Koreans is just absolutely horrible. I’m going to fix this problem come hell or high water.


hmmm that’s an interesting question. i would say yes, my character choice was effected by lag. but the teams u played weren’t the teams i usually pick to play laggy matches lol. against a laggy connection, i usually always have tronne or haggar assist, well i did once use haggar vs u but he was on point. it’s a lot easier to spam the AAA assist when it’s laggy and do a crazy triangle jump afterwards. i do agree that characters with really long downwards strings are really strong in laggy conditions. against non laggy players, they’d just block all the lows, but in lag situations, they wanna be out of the high/low mixup and often just hold upblock which makes them really easy to hit with a crouching attack. and u get like a few frames of less reaction time to blocking teleport mixups. i do agree, i find wesker particularly hard in a laggy connection. lol
with magneto tho, i think the lag fucks me up, cuz i can do lots of more effective combos in training but i gotta resort to basic fly combo’s online. i can’t rom with any bit of lag whatsoever. HOWEVER, in mixup situations, since i already know what i’ll be doing, a triangle kick for example, it’s harder to block definitely lolz. zero, hmmm i think i just adjusted. i use zero cuz i got raped a lot by spinkingonline’s zero, japan’s number 1 or 2 ranked cosmic lord and i thought he was an effective character. any the wolverine team is just tokido’s copied team but i dont’ liek using phoenix against friends cuz she’s kinda cheap so i use wesker instead who is actually just as cheap with lag. hahaha buuut keep in mind, that under no lag, wesker’s mixup gets so easy to block that u just block and then the command throw is possible. IMO wesker is more dangerous in no lag situations because of the command throw. in laggy situations, the command throw becomes obsolete because people are just jumping backwards all the time.

lieland, i’m gonna call my internet company too haha. it was like GLORIOUS internet 2 weeks ago and now it’s a CRAWL. only at home. in a nearby cafe, it’s nice and fast. i wanna get to the bottom of this. we’re starting to get a little more steam in the mvc3 community haha i wanna keep this up!


Yea, when I go to San Francisco next month i’m probably going to pick up a hitbox. I am unfamiliar enough with the traditional arcade stick that trying out a new input method would be pretty easy for me. Also, I like the idea of slowly training up on a input device that will let me get near 100% efficiency :slight_smile: Maybe some day I will beat you, haha.