MvC 3 Noob wants team building help

Right so I’ve just gotten this but rather than going for the best people I just want to play the character that I want to play.

Being a massive comic book geek im looking at characters like Taskmaster, Wolverine, Cap, Thor plus from the capcom side Ryu, Joe, Akuma and Haggar.

I have no idea how to put a team together so im asking for tips on how to put these characters into a successful team. Not a tournament winning one or even a viable stomping one, just one that I will have fun playing and eventually keep me playing the game.

There are several successful team template, the easiest one to use is battery/meter user/assist. One battery character in your team who can build lots of meters, one character that has powerful hypers you can use and one character with a strong assist to help your 1st and 2nd character. Looking at your list of characters you can try Wolverine or Cap for battery, Ryu, Joe and Taskmaster for meter user and Akuma, Ryu or Taskmaster for assist.