MVC 360 TE MC Cthulhu Question

OK so I’ve looked around at all the tutorials and everything and I just have one question that I can’t seem to figure out by reading all of the tutorial etc.

I bought the MC Cthulhu since it was what was available and I was going to dual mod my MVC 360 TE stick and then I saw the RJ45 mod and decided that why not, I might decide to use this on different consoles in the future.

So here’s the question: Every mod tutorial I’ve read ALWAYS has the IMP chip in with it. Do I NEED this? Or can I just hook up all the cords to the MC and solder a wire to the guide button for my PS button? Also, would I still need to desolder/resolder on the 360 PCB that is already in there as shown in a couple different tutorials I’ve read. Oh I guess what I’m thinking too is basically do I need to have the IMP or a switch to make this work right.

Or if you can point me to a guide I somehow missed that addresses my question(s) that works too but I’m pretty sure that nothing does T_T

Imp is used so that you can combine the USB data wires with the 360. Essentially, that means you can have 360 in your RJ45 dual mod. However, you could have the MC connected to RJ45, and then leave the stock USB cord for 360 play. Alternatively, you can use a DPDT switch to combine the data wires.

Do you need it? No. You could keep the stock 360 TE USB cable and wire the RJ45 separately. But the Imp or a DPDT will make it so that you can have the 360 in your RJ45 without the USB cable.

Yes, you can solder a wire from guide to home, works just fine. Imp has nothing to do with that. It just needs a guide wire connected to the terminal for console switching, but it doesn’t have to be guide, here is the way Toodles recommends it:

This way, when you plug your stick set to RS, then you will be in MC Cthulhu mode. DP or LS will put it in 360 mode. However, if for some reason you want to use RS in 360 mode, plug it in set to DP, then switch to RS after it is connected.

If you want to use the same USB cable for both 360 and PS3, but you don’t want to fork out for an IMP board, then you’ll need to go back to basics and install a DPDT switch (I recommend a small rocker variety hidden inside the cable bay). The position of the switch will determine which signal is sent through to the console/PC - either Xbox 360 or MC Cthulhu data.

Unless you don’t want 360 support then you will need to dual mod the 360 TE motherboard to the Cthulhu.

ok Nerrage if I under stand this right, which is exactly what i was thinking in the first place, is I could just hook up my MC completely separate from the 360 board and just have it go straight to the rj45 mod thus keeping all the original stuff in place while adding on MC capabilities being able to use the rest of the stick normally.

In other words, just add the MC and RJ45 port by making extra connections to the buttons etc without messing with the original PCB.

Right. You will still have the 360 USB cable, and you will have to use it to connect to 360. Imp just lets you put the 360 into the RJ45 with the rest of the MC systems, but there’s no reason you need it. People just like it so they can use the same USB cable for 360 and PS3. Do be careful and don’t let both ends get plugged in, you could give it way too much current, and while the MC is designed to handle accidental double plug-ins, the 360 board is not, and could be damaged if you do it, another reason why people like imps. But again, no actual need for it.

Awesome, perfect, phenomenal. Thank you so much T_T I’ve been waiting to mod my stick but had to work like all day since my MC came in and then trying to figure this out before doing it as to not blow everything up has been driving me nuts because I want to use my new stick for BBCS lol

One last quick question just as a making sure measure: I don’t need add a wire from the 360 PCB to the MC because I should be getting power to the stick through the RJ45 connection right?

You need to connect voltage and ground between both PCBs, because they need to be both powered at the same time. For more info: Check Chapters 2 and 4, to understand why a bit better. Or just read the whole thing to get a better grasp of dual mods :wgrin:

Ok so they both need to be connected for ground and voltage so that when a button is pressed the other board, even though technically not in use, doesn’t like freak out and “explode”. But the stick will get power from either the RJ45 or the USB, it’s just you need them to be connected for the freak out reason. Do I understand this correctly?

Yes, both PCBs will be outputting the data at the same time, and they both need to be powered to avoid a freak out. One will just be sending its data to a console, while the other will send its data to nothing. But that is correct, they will either receive power from the USB or RJ45, depending on what is in use.

Fantastic, now I can start ^^. Thank you so much for your help and time Nerrage. You have been excessively useful to my cause ^^

You’re welcome, good luck!