MVC 3on3 Team Tournament

Here’s the deal, guys. I’ve always had the idea of running a tournament where the top clans, and those less known, get a chance to truly see who’s tops. The way I propose doing this is through a 3on3 Team Tournament, hosted by yours truly.

This is your official invite. I run a tight ship and run things a certain way for a reason.

WARNING: By participating in the tournament, you agree to play by my rules, which i’ll state. If you dont like the rules, simply dont play. But know that my tournaments are always well-run and well-organized.

I’ve run tournaments on and offline. Some of you may know of a place in Southern California called Camelot Golfland in Anaheim. In it’s hayday, I run GGXX and CVS2 weekly tournaments and organized a full tournament myself consisting of MVC2, CVS2, GGXX, and 3s. Also, i’ve assisted in running major tournaments such as NorCal Regional 1. Online, I’ve run my own Ranking System based on the results of community Round Robin tournaments. We would take the wins, losses and amount of matches played and calculate it into a win percentage, which would then give you your ranking. Aside from the ranking system, I’ve run a few classic tournaments (double elim, 2/3, 3/5 finals, etc) which were, what I would consider a sucess. Those’re my “credentials”, your choice to jump on the train.

Here’s the format and some of the rules. Again, it’s your choice to play or not to play, but by stating you’re gonna’ participate, you’re agreeing to my rules and how I run my tournament.

Kawaks 1.55
Marvel vs. Capcom

3on3 Team Tournament
You must have 3 players on your team and must be from your clan. Again, this is a clan tourney to truly find out who has the goods.

Here’s how 3on3 works.
This will be run Japanese style, 3on3 tournament.

Player 1, 2, 3 v. PLayer 4, 5, 6 - in that order.
Player 1 v. Player 4, Player 1 wins. Winner stays.
Player 1 v. Player 5, Player 1 wins. Winner stays.
Player 1 v. Player 6, Player 6 wins. New winner stays.
Player 2 v. Player 6, Player 6 wins. Team 4, 5, 6 wins.

That’s hypothetical to give you an idea as to how it can work. Player 2 could have beaten Player 6 and Team 1, 2, 3 would have won. It goes until one team has no more members left.

Double Elimination
1of1 games (no 2/3, or 3/5 since it’s teams)

Each individual player must select a team of characters (Strider/Wolvie, DWM’s, etc) and must keep that team throughout the tournament. You may not switch characters from match to match.

Each team is allowed to switch their order from match to match. Team 1, 2, 3 may be in that order one game, but next round they can be , 3, 1, 2, etc.

This will be a 1-day tournament and on the day of the tournament, you have to show up in a specific IRC room (which i’ll post up at a later date). Once you show up in the room, i’ll announce matches and results.

There’s a way we’re gonna’ handle matches and results.

In the IRC room, i’ll announce the match. Both teams will go into the Kaillera server and one match will go at a time. Once the match is finished, you’ll report the win or loss to me in the IRC room.

I do all my bracketing on a physical piece of paper. I print out the bracket and fill it all out on hand. I’ll do my best to update how the bracket is progressing from time to time, or after each round of the tournament.

Finally, here’s the tentative date of the tournament;


I’ll be in the IRC chat at around 1:00pm PACIFIC TIME (3:00 EST). Once everyone is in the chat, we’ll start.

This is a lot of writing so i’m gonna’ put this to rest at the moment. Once I see I have enough interest from enough clans to host a decent tournament, i’ll begin sign-ups, taking down team names, as well as who’s in each team. I’ll need AIM screen name’s from everyone or emails. But that’s more down the road.