MvC Arcade Stick Thread!


Hey. Just got into the FGC. I’m looking for a good MvC stick to start out with. Post pics of examples.


Do you mean a good stick for MvC or a good stick with MvC art?


For mvc. Something on the cheaper side, I’ve never used an arcade stick. (Except in actually arcades.)


Any arcade stick with a 6 to 8 button layout will do. Mad Catz, Hori, and Qanba all make good arcade sticks. A stick is an investment though, as a new one will probably run you at least $120. You’ll also need to spend some time practicing on it to get comfortable with the new layout. Don’t get one thinking it’ll make you better though. Fanatiq is one of the best MvC players around and he plays on pad.


Thanks. Im looking into the Hori fighting stick v3 for ps3. Perfect of a beginner. Not too expensive, and it has a simple 6-button layout. Thanks for your help!