MVC Character Usage List?


I’ve checked the mvc3 forum pretty extensively and have not found such a list. I was wondering if someone could assist me in naming the character types. For example I know Zero and X-23 could be considered Rushdown Characters and the Dog could be consider assist I guess. But I would like to know about all the other chars on the rosted


You should probably get the official guide if you’re looking for that information. Or play them and figure them out for yourself.


I wanna know them b4 the game comes out so I dont have to play through all the chars and see which ones are rushdown. Like I know I dont wanna play dead pool sense he is mostly spamming projectiles(just as an example).


You could get a good idea about their category of playstyle from watching the ~3m videos that the characters all have. This would probably be more effective than just choosing characters based on a more vague categorization of playstyle since certain characters even within 1 category might look like more fun to you than others.



Also, figure it out yourself and add it to the wiki. :slight_smile: