MvC Help.


Hey guys.

Quick questions about Marvel vs Capcom Clash of Titans.

  1. ) When can you perform a “Push Block”.

I get that its back and fierce. But I can’t seem to pull it off. Or maybe I am and I don’t know. What does it look like when it happens. From time to time I have knocked an opponent back with what just looked like a fierce. And I don’t know if it was a push block or if I just got them with a fierce. Is it meant to be done at the same sort of timing as teching a throwing. Or do I do it anytime during a combo. And can it be done after taking one hit. Or do I need to have blocked a minimum of two hits.

  1. ) How to get more accurate with attacks after a launcher.

I seem to have a hard time with this. I either press up to early and don’t leave the ground or I jump higher than the opponent. I was under the impression that the follow up jump was auto tracking. Is it the case or do I just need to time my crap better.

  1. ) How to Tech Roll.

Is a tech roll down, forward and then punch. Or is it down, down-forward, forward and then punch. Like an Hadouken.

  1. ) Last one I think. The Variable Counter, our Team Counter or whatever.

The move you do to have your team mate knock the opponent back with a special move, while you are blocking. Is it done at the same sort of time you would do a push block. Or is it a reversal.

Thanks guys. And if you have any other tips that can help up my game just let me know.


Alright, so I have been playing for a while and I have all of your answers.

  1. While blocking, use all 3 punch buttons and advancing guard will be used. Something interesting I noticed is when I’m playing against Onslaught and use advancing guard against his flaming dash (“Taste my wrath!”), it just keeps him in place and I have to use it multiple times to not go to the edge of the screen. Use advancing guard to space out from combos.

  2. What I seen some players do is initiate a normal as they jump. However, this is not guaranteed. Sometimes it happens to me too, but it might be the launcher itself. If you use Captain Commando’s crouching medium punch, it is a launcher, but it doesn’t go that high. When you use his standing heavy kick, it launches higher than the Experiment with it!

  3. To tech roll, use back, down-back, down and punch or kick as soon as you hit the ground. Get the timing down, because it’s different than other games.

  4. The Team Counter. Not used unless advancing guard doesn’t work. To execute, Use the same tech roll motion while blocking and use heavy punch and heavy kick. (HP+HK) It will stop the game for a few frames, and your second character uses a special move as they jump on screen. Be aware that this uses a meter/gauge, so use wisely, because you’ll need the meter for advanced combos.

I am planning on making a guide soon for a lot of old games like this one.
This website and eventhubs really helps, check it out.


Thanks for the help.

Will work on all of this.