MvC:I the 'Sales' topic (financial status of the game)


I read the game’s bombing on sales.

Sales in Japan

Sales in UK

Apparently, in the UK it sold less units than Ultra Street Fighter II.

American PStore sales:

My opinion:

The only way to recover is to relaunch the game next year, call it “Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite X”, and include around eight X-Men characters this time.


I’m glad the financial analysts of SRK are on it.


You have strange opinions.

Marvel games generally only sell in the US any way.


Some people in the comments said it was mostly due to timing. Pokken also does well because Pokemon sells. People eat it up.


I’m really baffled by how a lot of people are approaching this sales thing
MvCI obviously was not a smash hit, but what does that matter on SRK specifically?
People are here, talking about the game, playing the game, and participating in or at least watching tournaments. For this community, it is doing what it set out to do.


Japan likes crack apparently. It’s 4th in some charts in Japan.


Sir if you keep insulting me I’m gonna have to retaliate. I am not gonna let these false accusation taint my reputation.


I never really expected it to sell that well. The hardcore fans were always going to buy it regardless, because hardcore fans are going to try to break the game down. But obviously the more casual fans really don’t have a lot of content and fan service to keep them happy. But this is more of an issue with Disney than Capcom. Disney really wanted to make it like the cinematic universe, and give it less cartoony graphics. The results is that the game really doesn’t look that great because of the art style. I’m about 100% that that’s due to Disney.

Disney has really been fucking over Marvel is some major ways. The comic books are terrible now, and clearly the cinematic universe is the only thing that matters when it comes to Marvel. Marvel movies do gross a lot, but keep in mind hardcore comic fans do have deep pockets. And the only reason why the movies are successful is their faithful adaptations. Disney has always tried to undermine comics as a medium. And while they have slumped is sales, it is the baseline for the Marvel universe.


FGC/Marvel heads will buy and play the game, but did they honestly expect casuals to look at this game and be like “WOW, I need to buy it?”

2 million copies? Not a chance. SFV couldn’t hit 2 million either, but for different reasons.


Considering the massive global popularity of Marvel today, MVCI (as a concept) should’ve been a slam dunk. It’s the hottest commodity you could attach yourself to in entertainment.

There’s no excuse why MVCI (as a concept) and Injustice shouldn’t have at least comparable numbers. If it doesn’t, it boils down to bad marketing and the final product itself being unsatisfactory.

Who truly knows which entity did the most damage, but both Capcom and Marvel/Disney share blame for MVCI’s performance. Capcom, for not giving their all in developing the game; And Marvel/Disney, for letting corporate politics between FOX damage their game to this degree.


In one sense, it doesn’t affect us hardcore folks at all. The FGC is still going to play this game, it will be big at tournaments and there will be tons of hype. But if it doesn’t sell to a larger audience, that hurts the chances of future MvC games being produced. And that definitely affects us hardcore folks. It would be an awful thing if this was the last MvC game.


Well I think that when a game of this magnitude does so poorly they have a lot of explaining to do to their shareholders regarding how out of touch they might be with their product.

I mean do you expect nothing to happen to the DLC pipeline in a game that sold 8 thousand copies in Japan in the first week? I’m sure at this rate they can foresee a loss down the road if they don’t restructure their model I just couldn’t imagine a season 3 being a priority at this point.

I mean I don’t have the answers, but I’m sure this can’t be good for Capcom.


As long as the eSports sponsorships roll in with the CPT around this game and Disney getting involved, Capcom will still make a gain.


Nah, I’m pretty sure with the amount of budget this game had Capcom are already in the green.


You mean the red?


To be sure capcom should be putting their all into every game they make. But we just don’t know how feasible that is.

There are so many things that I want fighting games to have, none have had everything though some have come close. The problem is that the ones that come close tend not to see any increased revenue from it… so why do it at all?

It’s a pretty big conundrum.


I think blazblue is pretty successful and has a very robust single player experience while still making the game “off limits” to casuals who think they’re going to pick it up and clean house


I’m also baffled by this obsession with the sales stuff - it’s not going to stop the FGC from playing it. Also, I’m wondering if people really wanted the game to be a lot better or to flop.


Sales ultimately determine the future of the MVC series, so if you care about MVC’s future then sales should matter to you.

Everyone was originally hype about MVCI, until we found out that it’s pretty much just Capcom & Marvel pulling the same bad business practices again; so now consumers are pushing back. Alot of people purposely boycotted this game due to compounding issues with Capcom (SFV, UMVC3, SFXT, and MVCI itself)

Yes, MVCI is fun with solid gameplay once you play it. But on the surface, MVCI is very unappealing, and the horrible Story Demo was the general public’s only hands-on impression of the game. So you really can’t blame ppl for not buying MVCI after all of that and previously being burned by SFV.


MvC:I is a game that is:

  1. Very fun to play
  2. Hideous in terms of UI and graphics (depending on the char/situation), and in some ways a step BACKWARDS from the visuals of the last-gen game.
  3. Made by a company that released SFV in a train-wreck launch that was missing a lot of features and has a tarnished reputation lately
  4. In a genre that is niche to begin with

Nobody was expecting this game to set the world on fire but with the sales figures I’ve been seeing online, this game already has one foot in the grave. Of course we here will play it and enjoy it as much as we can but in terms of the big picture this probably means the end of Marvel.

The fact that the Battle for the Stones trailer went out of their way to say “ONE TIME ONLY” about the tournament means they weren’t even considering having a permanent tournament series for it like SF has. Their projections for this game were probably not high to begin with and it seems like it BOMBED. I hope this game lasts ten more years because outside of FGC this game might as well not exist. Don’t expect another one, and if sales remain abysmal don’t expect further DLC past the originally forecast chars.