MvC Infinite CHARACTER Speculation/Request Thread


Let’s keep all the wishlists and character requests contained to this thread. Let’s not clutter up the forum and other threads with this.

MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
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MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th
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Jessica Jones
Black Widow
Scarlet Witch
Sword Chick with Scott Summers when he was confronting most powerful mutant

Guess the next (2nd batch)6 DLC characters!

I want magneto… but I’m also looking forward to expanding my understanding of the mcu as it stands now…

Would love to see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage as well.

On the capcom side give me Bison and the nigga from omnimusha 3.


Jubliee of course. Grant a nigga his wish Capcom :coffee:


Very early predictions for me:
~Guaranteed~ (it won’t be a proper MvC if these aren’t included)
Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk
Morrigan, Akuma, Dante (version TBD), Resident Evil character

~Very High~ (almost guaranteed except for possible rights issues)
Wolverine, Magneto, Dr. Doom

~Good~ (Very likely, but not a lock)
Haggar, Chun-Li

Beyond these I think there’s a lot of options that open up. Short wishlist of returning characters:
Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Deadpool, Firebrand/Arthur, Viewtiful Joe, Amaterasu


Mine wishlist

Marvel: at least Storm, Wolverine, Squirrel Girl and Scarlet Witch

Capcom: Ingrid, BB Hood, Jedah and Phoenix Wright


Mr. Sinister
Shuma Gorath

AND CARNAGE (unlikely but whatever)


Ghost Rider
Iron Fist

Lord Raptor
Saki Omokane
Edward Falcon
Leon Kennedy
M. Bison
Viewtiful Joe




BB Hood
Alexia Ashford (RE Boss)
Olga (Asura Wrath)
Excella Gionne (RE Boss)

Capcoms lack of bad girls leaves much to be desired.


Not very good with speculation of characters, but I can do a wishlist:
Black Bolt (trying to put together the Marvel Illuminati members)
Black Panther
Archangel (though an Archangel skin of Angel would be fine)

Ada Wong


Dr Strange
Ruby Heart
C. Viper


-Nobody talking about Daredevil? What the hell? Definitely want him in.

-Need Cap Commando to return, too.

-Give a couple slots to the legendary Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong.

-Akira Kazama. Enough said.


Does anyone think they’ll include both mutants AND inhumans in this game? I feel like that’s gonna drive the way the roster pans out considerably. Those characters aside, my wishlist includes at least one Spider-Man villain (ridiculous that MVC3 only had one representative of THE poster series of Marvel), the return of Dormammu (too badass to not include again), and some Power Stone characters (if you’re not going to make another game, do this at least PLEASE, Capcom). I’ll generally be happy regardless, since my favorite characters are virtually guaranteed (MMX is confirmed already, Zero is very likely as a result and Spider-Man is a sure thing)


Alright, here we go.


  1. Juggernaut - You know who he is.
  2. She-Hulk - My burly broccoli waifu. Need to feel her booty quake again.
  3. Venom - Watching him fill the screen with a web and then tear his trapped opponent to shreds always makes my day. Gotta have that come back.
  4. Shuma-Gorath - Cool-looking chaos beastie with the strongest tentacles around. He can really get a party started with the ladies.
  5. Howard the Duck - hahahahahaha hey how come this duck is named howard lmfao is he gonna hit me with a reppuken xD


  1. Sigma - So much potential here. Not only does he have a bazillion different weapons and forms that he could use, but he could also infect his opponents with the Sigma Virus, leading to various kinds of debuffs and effects.
  2. Someone from Power Stone - Wang-Tang or Gunrock would be cool. Maybe Ryoma or Ayame. Or we could just go with the most boring choice, Falcon. In any case it would be nice to see Power Stone get a rep.
  3. Tessa/Tabatha - Buxom witch lady from Warzard/Red Earth. Her moveset was perfectly suited for MVC3, I’m not sure why she wasn’t in that game to be honest.
  4. Felicia - Cute little kitty witty! I just want to fondle her boobs scratch her ears!
  5. Gene - I’ve never played God Hand, I just want him in for his theme music.


Just give me Chun-Li and I’ll be happy.




I hope instead of regular Akuma we get “Cyber Akuma” for this since this is a bizarre crossover versus universe!

A Cyber Akuma with improvised special move from using his cybernetic implants, the rocket arms and some new moves based on his cybernetic implants to make him not just another better Ryu.

I think it’s time for Cyber Akuma to replace akuma and be a character for Marvel crossover-verse as exclusive icon and mascot. The same with Meka Zangief and Cyborg Nash.

My Finalize Wishlist Compressed to 28 each side total, trying to establish a theme like east meets west, anime meets cartoons, culture crash and rise of the machine like stories and plots from backgrounds and origins of each characters. Choosen with weapon variants.


Sigma x Ultron - consist of bounty hunters, heroes rival, dominant forces and altered or robotized Capcom characters.
[] Vile X8 with Bear Ride Armor - Bounty Hunter X recurring rival.
] Solo - Bounty Hunter Strider’s recurring rival.
[] Black Hayato -Bounty Hunter
] Devilot with Super-8 from Cyberbots. to rival Arthur in Cannon Spike version.
[] **Cyber Akuma **- Akuma with cybernetic enhancement, Ryu’s recurring rival.
] **Mecha Zangief **- A Zangief cloned Repliod.
[*] Cyborg Nash-M bisons ending


New Characters
[] Tessa/Tabasa - from Warzard (her previous plots revolves on crystals involvement)
] Hauzer - from Warzard
[] Son-Son - the original son-son (male)
] Anita(Older) - A like a jojo bizzare character, summoner, telepath that summons Donovan and his sword summons (Darkstalkers What if Character)
[] Ingrid - A crossover character
] Nina - from Breath of Fire (plot can be from the cause of using Reality Gem)
[] Felyne from Monster Hunter (rival to Rocket Racoon)
] Gene - from God Hand.
[] **Asura **- from Asura’s Wrath
] Arthur - in a Mecha from Cannon Spike version replacing his UMVC3 (Cyber theme involvement)
[] Ada Wong - Resident Evil
] Pure and Fur - Protector of Capcom world.
[]** X** - to rival Sigma and Vile. (Virus and Cyber theme involvement)
] **Ruby Heart **- MVC2 (Magic stone involvement)
[] Demon Hyo - Rival Schools (plot can be from the cause of using Soul Gem)
] Nero - Devil May Cry (mix of Vergil, Dante and TVC Soki) rivals Task Master
[] Rouge - Power Stone (her previous plots revolves on acquiring power stones involvement)
] Saturn Dyer - Plasma Sword Character (luca or Saturn)
Returning Cast from UMVC3

[] Morrigan
] Chunli - to Rival Cyborg Nash
[] **Ryu **- to rival Mech Akuma
] Strider -to rival Solo (Cyber theme involvement)


New Characters
[] Venom - rivals spiderman
] Thanos
[] Vision -
] Antman -
[] Starlord -
] Gamora
[] Groot - Hauzer
] Asgard’s Destroyer - to rival mech Zangief
[] Ms Marvel
] Black Panter
[*] Black Widow

Returning Cast from UMVC3
[] Spider-Man
] Captain America
[] Thor - to rival Gene
] Hawkeye to rival Ada wong
[] Hulk - to rival Asura
] Nova
[] Dormamu
] Dr Strange - to rival Tessa/Tabasa
[] Ghost Rider
] Rocket Racoon - to rival felyne from Monster Hunter

if possible:
[] Doom
] Wolverine
[] Cyclops
] Storm
[] Sentinel
] Magneto
[*] Deadpool


TEAM Sigma bounty hunters

TEAM Capcom Guardians and Protectors of their Universe!

TEAM Capcom Tech Force!'n_Goblins_-_Sir_Arthur_as_he_appears_in_Cannon_Spike.png/revision/latest?cb=20160402060255

TEAM Capcom Dimension Villains

TEAM Capcom deties

Team Capcom otherworldly

And a Hideo PARODY of Rider and Gundam from Rival Schools

Felyne(MH) to Rocket Racoon
Gene to Thor
Asura to Hulk
Mech Zangief to Asgard Destroyer
Kevin Strayker(SF2010) to Nova
Tessa(WZ/RE) to Dr Strange
Mech Akuma to Starlord

Ultron x Sigma - 6

Street Fighters - 2

Megaman X - 3

Warzard -2

Dark Stalkers - 3

What if Characters and Crossover Exclusive - 7 (with 5 modified characters)

Avengers - 9 (excluding villains)

X-Men - 4 (excluding villains)

Guardians of the Galaxy - 4

Specialty, Skills, Gender, Motives, Abilities and Power
Cosmic - Capcom = 3

Robotics - Capcom = 10

Mystics, Sorcerer, Time Travelers, Reality Benders - Capcom = 10

Hand to Hand Combat - Capcom = 7

Swords Man - Capcom = 4

Gunner & Laser dependent - Capcom = 4

Big Guys - Capcom = 3

Females - Capcom = 9

Etc Weapons - Capcom = 4

Villains and Anti-Heroes - Capcom = 9


-Winter Soldier
-Scarlet Witch (Unlikely)
-Shatterstar (too obscure but screw it)
-Spider-Gwen alt

-Captain Commando
-Kenji (Red Earth)
-Regina (DC)
-Linn Kurosawa (AvP)
-Lucia Morgan (FF3)
-New Darkstalkers rep
-Any other OG MvC vet (Hayato, Jin, etc)


If a Powerstone character does get in it will probably be a flagship character like Wang or Falcon, but Ryoma was my main so I hope he makes it.