MvC Infinite CHARACTER Speculation/Request Thread


Well now that the Disney-Fox deal has gone through, I hope that stops the internal bumpers that prevented X-men and FF characters from getting a shot in the roster. Might be a bit before we can see them, since I’m pretty sure the next season and then some has been started and getting early tinkering.


Gill and Phenoix should be in the game.

Both revive at max hypers.

Ah would be so glorious


Leaks will be leaks, but I do hope they won’t waste character slots with Rashid or a reskinned Phoenix Wright.
I had to look up Deis, since I’m not familiar with Breath of Fire. She looks like an interesting design but I don’t see BOF characters happening tbh.


omg. doctor doom with the dreaded foot dive with the tag system.

i hope returning characters come back at 14.99 or free.


7.99? As usual. Unless the season pass is there then I’ll need that.


Assuming that X-Men are a real possibility now…
If you can only pick 2 to be in the game (besides Wolverine because Wolverine), who do you pick?

My choices are Magneto and Nightcrawler


Magneto and Jaugernut


Gambit & Cable


Really hoping there’s a plan for Taskmaster to show up in a movie in the near future so there’s at least a glimmer of a chance. Buuuut not holding my breath :frowning:


Nero would be cool.

Who the fuck downvoted this? Captain America?


Juggernaut and Rogue. Imagine they made Rogue and gave her her ability steal special back, that would be too sick! But Juggernaut, maybe I could count him as two characters one for each arm.


I imagined if they did another story expansion the time stone would be used and young dante would meet older dante shit would be nutty


DMC4 Dante? Doubt people want another Dante.


DBZS has like 40 Gokus and people regardless whether they love or hate it have it in the game. Having younger and older dante would be kick ass in terms of creating a story around why the two meet.

Like if they do a story expansion and say Cable and Older Dante came to the current timeline for some reason is an idea. And older dante has different tools and could offer a new approach or design to the dante we have now. just an idea anyways.


Give me Cable & Deadpool. It’s time for this to happen! Let’s Go!


I was thinking in terms of gameplay. While Old Man Dante could bring in stuff from DMC2 and DMC4 (Lucifer and Pandora would be interesting in a fighting game) he’d still presumably have Rebellion, twin pistols, and some kind of fisticuffs weapon. He’d be a shoto by all technical review and though I personally would not mind, we wanna avoid low hanging fruit for the outrage brigade.

I say this as a fan of Dante. A worthy DMC add would be Lady (based off her DMC4SE set), Trish (she was an MvCi character all along), and Nero (do not care if Johnny pulls double duty, make a meta joke about it in win quotes).


Who the fuck do you think Dante is, Wolverine? Let’s try not to emulate the lowest points of MvC2.


I had a dream that all of us were at a waterpark or themepark or some shit, and we were all in the bleachers. I had to play some dude in a live tournament with pre-patch Dante and he did some weird move where he hit me like 900 times and made my character get absorbed into the wall of the stage and I was real mad about him using cheap tactics. Then afterwards a Capcom rep came out (he looked like a middle aged fast food restaurant manager or something) and tried to get us all hyped up in the bleachers and he spoke in a broken english voice like Ono “ARE YOU REAWY FO WEVEAL?”

He said that there was going to be a character named Bucky Wolf who looked kinda like a bland DBZ character and we were all like “yay…?” and then he went on to show footage of additional characters that LOOKED like Wolverine and Magneto but had different names and offbrand features, but at the end it was revealed they were in a separate 3D arena-battle fighting game with some weird Japanese name and everyone was really mad

and then I woke up


I’d rather see Nero to be honest, we’ve had Dante and Vergil, DMC4’s mechanics were interesting.


High priority Devil Arm fullscreen grab (with anti-air and downward direction). Plenty of sword attacks to fill out specials. Devil Trigger for that ghost assist damage (but not exactly a shadow clone thing). Chargeable pistol with the same effects per charge level.

And of course his rev-up ability for sword attacks would be super interesting in an FG context. Make it lk-hk from neutral for charges and keep the instant rev (but during sword specials rather than any sword normal cause that would be ‘too Mahvel’).

He writes himself as a moveset and frankly I’m surprised he’s not in already.

Edit: Frankly if I had it my way Lady, Trish, Virgil, and Nero would all be in. I don’t care.