MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Current “rumored/leaked” Marvel/Capcom list from Lupinko (courtesy of 4chan)

Lupinko has been dropping hints all day about new characters for the roster

>Howard the Duck
>Hunter (Monster Hunter)
>Kamala Khan
>Edward Falcon

For those that wanted the next crack, it may be back.

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If it’s 2v2 it better have 6 buttons. 3v3 or GTFO Capcom.


It will have 4 buttons because pad warriors can’t take all our 6 buttons swag.
2v2 with assist, are we back to the original MvC?
(Also there’s one too many Bs in the title Jin)


I’m hype for Marvel vs. Capcom 4 The TV Series to be announced at Capcom cup


The fact that Mr.Wiz hasnt banned anyone for making threads about it tells me this rummor is not true.


2v2 plus 1 assist (hopefully limitless) would be pretty dope. Next week is gonna be something.


Lupinko has spoken. He never trolls. Once he speaks, Marvel comes forth.


What did he say?


It’s in the first post.




That fake poster sure looks to be confirming Fantastic Four licensed game


If it’s real, would it have mutants?


It rather looks like a teaser trailer, not a poster.


I can’t imagine a Marvel game with no X-Men.

Still, if I get Captain Marvel, I’d be fine. With the way she’s being utilized in the Marvel Universe, as well as having a movie coming soon, she’s a given.


My only big issue with no Xmen is that a lot of interesting female characters in the series have been Xmen based. Marvel as a company and especially within the games is pretty much a sausage fest. Marvel Super Heroes had Psylocke as the only girl and was an Xmen. MSH vs SF had zero Marvel females. Marvel vs. Capcom had zero Marvel females. Marvel vs Capcom 2 basically added other more obscure female Xmen like Marrow and everyone otherwise more Marvel sausage fest. Marvel vs Capcom 3 again only females are Storm and X-23.

So basically no X Men = sausage fest. Even the Civil War movie only has Scarlet Witch and Black Widow (who’s essentially a bio enhanced human being, nothing crazy). I imagine they may be on deck just to have some different chromosomes on the Marvel front. Would like to see Strange come back and Vision would be dope.


What if it isn’t Carol?


I sure don’t miss Psylocke from Marvel 2. Fuck her and her constat PSYEKRASS shouting. GOD, SHUT THE FUCK UP


That plus storm HO HOing is music to the ears.


Psylocke has been amazing since CotA, shun the non-believers.


Only True Believers are allowed here. Stan Lee said so.