MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


If you were to actually think about it, these drugs are just functions. You’re just plugging them into your brain. MvCI, case and point, is a favorite because it has eight-way dash and it’s really fast, right? So our more technical players, all they want to do is air dash and that kind of stuff. Well guess what, DBFZ can do the same thing, BBCTB can do the same thing. UMvC3 can do the same thing. Go ahead and try them out.


None of them have Jedah.

Jin’s thirst for Jedah transcends all functions.


I’m pretty sure Yipes is in the know. I low key hope Yipes constantly mentioning Asura means Asura’s in. I know Champ kept going on about Dormy before he was leaked.

Yeah a total redesign would be perfect for Spidey, but I don’t think it’ll happen. If it didn’t happen for Iron Man, it won’t happen for Spidey. IM looks significantly better though, so hopefully Spidey will as well.


Wrong. That drug has been overused and lost it’s buzz. Need something fresh.


calling it now:

another Story trailer followed with a Gamora/Jedah/Dormammu/Firebrand gameplay trailer for Comic Con this week


Okay, Evo’s over. 63 days until crack. Setting my watch.


I dont understand why they couldn’t do what they did to Jedah, to the other characters. Aside from changing him to have grape jelly blood, he looks like he should.


So getting a hype character in a very not hype system with gimped source material is now hype?

Like how can you even support what Capcom is throwing out there when the lineup of fighting games late 2017 early 18 is SLAUGHTERING what Capcom is putting out?

It’s not even fair how good these non-Capcom titles are shaping up to be.


Back in 97/98 when I was a kid he also had grape jelly blood on the PSX version so that doesn’t bother me much. It’s an inevitable right of passage in an era where Guilty Gear doesn’t have blood anymore.

PSX Guilty Gear 1 used to be gritty, filled with blood and was teen rated. Surprising that that got through when Jedah got censored. Now Guilty Gear has this almost pokemon episode art style to the characters now. Sol doesn’t look menacing like he used to. Especially not with his new baggy Elvis pants. He fits the new, clean era of anime visuals.

Outside of that issue like said, I think he’s done really well visually and I think most will be content with his look. He was the character they needed to hit the mark on visually and they passed with flying colors it seems.


It looks fun.

I’m gonna play it. If you’re not interested then why are you here?


Because Capcom had the fortune of NOT releasing MvCI in that window. IF they had, it probably wouldn’t even break 250K in sales.


Only 2018 fighter I’m interested in is DBZF. Don’t care about BlazBlue/Persona/RWBY nor do I like 3D fighters. I also don’t have a PS4 so none of that shit will matter to me anyway lmao

I can play more than one game at a time too. Mahvel & DBZF seem like a good duo to me.


At the minute DBZF looks fun but basic and so won’t keep me playing unless I’m having a laugh with friends. (Based on what I’ve seen, hoping it will change)
BlazBlue Tag will be fun and should be good but it’s not going to be that big. The games that are crossing over aren’t exactly popular. People tend to watch them more than play them I don’t see that changing when it’s Animex4. There will be a shit load of people proclaiming this game to be the saviour of team based games but won’t play it for more than 2 hours because they can’t play anime games. (Also won’t someone please complain about the reused animations? I was told fighting games weren’t allowed to recycle shit in 2017, let alone entire characters)
MvCi has gameplay and characters I want to play despite the mountain of bad press and worse marketing because the game looks good. Plus no other company have provided a replacement to my Strider Function.

I find it hilarious that right now if you try and talk about issues you potentially have with DBZ/BB:Tag, you get called a Capcom shill or a retard but at least 50% of the comments I’ve seen about those games are how they’re so much better than MvCi. Maybe I’m just old but when I get hype for a game, it’s for that game, not for it just to beat another game. Funniest thing about that being that we all know around half the people talking shit will actually put their money down anyways.

I want all these games to do well but apparently that’s a taboo opinion. Apparently you can’t want everything to succeed so - Fuck Smash.


where the villians at though?


looking back at it now either gamora wall jumps or its just how her special makes her look.


Just watched Umvc3 grand finals (GMT and busy day). RyanLV did it.

Still… with how they remodeled the character select screen for Infinite, could it mean the base roster could have a lot more characters than originally anticipated? I was expecting 24+6 dlc. But along with the roster leaks, I’m expecting about 35 including dlc.


I really like the trivializing happening here it seems funny…

Characters can be function but for Capcom they are just transaction that people play for,

then for people never into FG games they see games can be just an entertainment if you think of you just play it to receive a feeling appreciation, excitement, frustration and an idea off betterment from others.

Thats why Capcom should not have done it in the first place because there character aren’t just function they were icons of pop culture not just in the fighting game history but the whole video game industry…

…wait till this people that they convinced that there character are just functions betrays and leave them for another FG with the same function with better iteration. that the sad part of belittling stuff.


I always find it odd that People complain about companies trying to make money.

It’s funny how people missunderstand this function quotes

Both options are right

I’m sat here waiting for a character that functions like Trish, I don’t care if it is Trish or not , I want that runaway zoner than can rush down at the drop of a hat.
I don’t actually care who it is.

This is a function that but there are characters I want in because they are just characters I like

Both are fine


Just want to point out that MVC3’s system did not look anywhere near as hype as this one before it’s release, and that was when it was new. Can anyone even think of a feature 3 added that you were hype about?


No worries I don’t see them as disposable and replaceable function, media or entertainment because I will always see them as icons, they are my favorite characters and SF was my favorite fighting game in my youth.

The thing was the other people outside community that didn’t have the same perspective and understanding like us that would treat the game or character to be relative to another category.

That’s the negative effect of belittling franchise it’s like another way unsell or destroy a brand name in a gradual manner. It’s hard to sell than to unsell because branding is like a trust that is hard to earn when it is gone.