MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Just noticing that now. It’s just that it’s kinda weird that the game still closes out the match with the ending win pose and transition back to rematch. Like so far it just looks like it’s indicating the way you won and not much else.


Perhaps it’s just because it’s a demo build and they need people to move on for other players to stop people waiting in line twice or three times as long as they need to.


That’s been there for a while now. We still don’t know what it means. Maybe there’ll be an option to play matches with multiple rounds.

Also I don’t know why you guys are arguing with Shaku. Dude is mad weird lmao, I don’t think he knows what others are talking about like 85% of the time. And he totally started bringing up KBR’s Evo winning team because I mentioned it to defend Ultimate’s character diversity lol


Wait? It’s like your describing yourself, What do you even back read in the previous page the lower part? Do you even know where the “perfect world” thing had even started that was in the other page even before it went to this page and dev even replied. I’m on track a particular comment and your not I didn’t even give a shit in your previous comments what am I saying was the MVC3 team did a better job despite the negativity. I dislike the projectile deflect and the obvious pretension here that there are no visual design problem that need to be organize it’s not just me it’s everyone else.


Here I am thinking Ryu is life. How wrong I was…


No worries Capcom had Morrigan function, Megaman function and Ironman function to compromised.

That solves the problem overall and that is MVCI dev team game design logic.


So I noticed something a bit odd in one of the Nemesis videos. It’s about Advancing Guard and Chip damage.

Nemesis uses his noodles on Thanos. Both the Starfish and the noodles are blocked and they deal significant chip damage to Thanos.

Later on in the same match, X blocks the same noodles and DOES NOT take chip. He advancing guards at the end, but only on the last hit. The first 2 noodle hits aren’t A-guarded, just the last one.

In one instance, Thanos ALSO Advancing Guarded, but still takes chip damage from some of the noodles.

I have no idea what caused this. Does anyone else?


I don’t think anyone knows 100 percent what’s going on with chip damage in this game. There’s a video that broke down how Strider seemed to do chip damage to an aerial opponent, but not a grounded on in some of the oldest gameplay vids. Might be something we may not be able to fully figure out till another beta or launch.


Can you link that vid?


I’ve observed similar things with beams, some beams don’t do chip, but Strange’s book does do chip, also sometimes it seems like hypers only chip while infinity surge is active.


Someone needs to ask Capcom about this next time the game is playable.


The Venom cover killed the last bit of excitement I had.
Who wanna bet that Jedah is dlc too?


lol. pretty sure all characters that are seen and playable wont be dlc.


but you never know


And not knowing is the entire battle.


Jedah is not DLC.

Why? Because I said so




The covers don’t necessarily mean anything. Sigma and Black Panther are on covers despite being DLC. For all we know, Capcom might not want to blow the surprise of Venom’s inclusion by making it obvious. Anyway, Jedah ain’t DLC.


With the exception of Firebrand/Dorm, they’ve been pretty good about not showing covers with unrevealed characters.


To the person who was saying games don’t live past their sequels:

Be the change you want to see.

No more excuses.


Hey guys.

Remember when Marvel 3 was first revealed, and everyone was beyond pissed that advancing guard sent you near half the screen away?