MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


I think Shuma could eventually appear in the MCU. Dr Strange doesn’t have the biggest rogues gallery (look at the F-lister villain from the first movie); I can also see a Lovecraftian villain being appealing to Scott Derickson. Shuma might be off of that ban list now since Strange sequels are happening.

This might be the first time Marvel wants Shuma in one of these games instead of just allowing Capcom to lol


Not having the biggest rogues gallery just means we get to see Doorman’s hot sister sooner than later.



Definitely not!

I’m 6’3, black and can bench press beyond my bodyweight


…your point is?


Listen, Saitsu, you don’t often get the opportunity to brag about that kind of shit in casual conversation. You have to look for opportunities to slip it in.

quicks just so happened to find his opening for the day.



one of these days i need to read that Defenders run


Boy you got me beat. How bout dat


Dorms appearance in the Strange movie was kind of weak honestly. He didn’t do much.

I hope they didn’t fuck up dorms theme.


Did some complicated frame counting, basically turned a clip from one of Max’s vids (this specific sequence) into a 60fps GIF so I could open it in Photoshop and see each frame as a numbered layer.


From when the flash starts on Thor to when Strider starts to turn, I counted 25 frames. Additionally Strider has 3 frames before he gets hit by Morrigan’s tag in hitbox.

For the “DHC”, I counted 31 frames from when the camera starts to pan down from Morrigan to Thor, and when it starts to pan back up. The extra frames seem to be from Thor’s recovery animation after the tag in.


Besides seeing gameplay of the remaining roster I’m really excited to see what the DLC characters can do. I predict Wolverine will have X-23/Wolverine functions but what about Sigma?


Interesting stuff…granted this article was addressing sketch cards. Only ones on that list I would be truly upset about would be Doom and Nightcrawler…come on, man.


For anyone thinking like quicks and saying that they’ll just use a move with a big hitboxes or ones that hit behind to try to punish whiff divekick/air dash cross up mixups, did some further analysis and, incoming characters seem to be fully invincible.

Here’s the exact frame where tag freeze ends.


yet no star-lord. Can’t blame marvel for capcom’s incompetence.

didn’t realize we had an updated list, but i believe skrulls are legal now, Captain marvel is supposed to have skrulls IIRC.

Interesting that shuma is off limits - marvel doesn’t use him anyway and he’s primiarily associated with Dr. Strange. Hm.

Interesting that they say movie likenesses aren’t usable, Marvel Puzzle Quest definitely has a couple movie likenesses.

Also a couple of interesting characters in that list considering some of them are in the current cartoon/various marvel f2p games. I imagine they’ll just phase them out without mentioning a word, as per usual - le sigh.


You didnt list male because the qualities you did list…
doesnt stop you from being a girl.

Just kidding…


Damn you sound like Frenzy.

That could be a man. IJS.


Looks like to me that nemesis’ active frames are already gone at that point


No, I went over it frame by frame. Carol just plain isn’t getting hit. There are 3 or so frames after tag freeze ends where the attack is still active (before the tag in gains a hitbox).


Firebrand is gonna have a level 3…


He already did; it was the mini-Firebrand move that nobody used