MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


It’s in the rules (and no, I didn’t make these up).

Josh has been a repeat offender of this kind of behavior that he should already know better by now, which is why the warning he received comes with enough points for jail.


Tuck your hate-boner back into your pants, Po. There’s no defending Psych0J0sh’s bullshit, and there are plenty of dissenting opinions on this forum that don’t resort to his garbage-water spewing to make a point.


Wait, I can’t just randomly insult people without repercussions? Don’t people do that in real life? I was holding up the door for a lady with a stroller the other day and
told her that mans pull out game was slow. I didn’t get banned wtf!


Can we just criticize the game like gentlemen? =(
Wait, we are all girls until proven otherwise, and I can’t prove myself…


I wonder what the Soul Gem is gonna do. I am assuming reviving a teammate which could be crazy. Fuuuuck Capcom reveal it already!!

My inbox is always open for such matters.


interesting video about mvci and the plans for adding it to the cpt by the left behind dude. probably wasn’t supposed to be uploaded.


Definitely should not have been uploaded.

Interesting fact it cost 300,000 for some costumes and some stages???

But it’s to be expected, we’ll probably see it ,


Numbers are probably based on CPT numbers.

Some of the stuff regarding how much it costs to sponsor are in line with what I know for CPT.


Spending nearly $1.5 mil to make just under $700k profit?

I know some brothers that could flip for 100-150% returns. Capcom be dealing with some weed shotters. They need Dame Dash, some Mexicans, Tommy, Ghost and Tasha handling their finances.


Any sort of profit is good enough for fighting games as esports. There’s a ton of stuff that we can’t really do (because no one in the FGC would want to do it) such as team or city buy in for millions, etc. like what other companies are doing.


I was being a fool- there are people spending $200 on pre-orders, Capcom saved costs by reusing assets from Umvc3… they’re virtually in profit within a month. Dlcs and tournaments are just increasing their profit.

It was interesting to see how the business side of things worked in the video. Had no idea the kind of resources and licensing, and strategy even, that went into a game and tournaments.


When’s Marvel Nation reality show with Marvel Nation tour bus?


Does anyone know if Thanos projectil can be reflected?


Best to assume it can.


The only exceptions are certain, fast, bullet like projectiles like Chris’ magnum. Can’t remember if it was said if Morrigan’s spear can be reflected or not.


Her spear can be; they were reflecting it in Chrome Alchemists video.


The D Man’s video has already RIP’d apparently.


Seeing the youtube comments of that video all the hate for planning makes me shake my head. Both NRS and Bamco announced big money esport leagues for their new game before their game came out with no resistance or complaints.

Why is Capcom getting hated on for it just because theirs is the most visible…? lol


You can’t put eSports over Magneto and arcade mode.


That video upload was the best thing he has ever done. Gone with the wind. rip