MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


If we’re talking about the same guard break that made Cable an asshole, that wasn’t because of proximity guard.

His bullet was full-screen anyway so you sorta needed the defensive character to block from that distance anyway. Guard breaks resulted from normal jumps containing only one action. So if I did a move, you blocked, and I gave a break, you couldn’t do shit until you touched the ground again. It was that little mechanic that meant all I had to do was waste your air action and then you were vulnerable to an attack.


Because what may be better for someone may not actually be better for the game overall. One, non Marvel, or FG example I love bringing up is Starcraft 2 vs Brood War. Sure, for some people, the less buggy pathing and general easier time controlling units in 2 may be “better”, but it actually screws over the meta. The original Starcraft (and Brood War) has buggy pathing that actually made the game much deeper and more compelling at high level play. The game was a true test of skill that favored players who were able to properly control their units, compared to Starcraft 2 which devolved into just creating “death balls” that didn’t need as much micro to control.

While, proximity guard isn’t as big a thing for Marvel as the buggy pathing was for Brood War, at the end of the day, it’s still part of the recipé that made MvC2 what it was - it’s removal from 3 probably did contribute to why that game was a much bigger pixie rushdown focused game (outside or Morrigan) than 2, by making movement easier (and lockdown weaker).

I think he means certain unblockables (such as Sentinel’s cr.fierce) which happened because Capcom forgot to put proximity guard boxes on certain frames.


In my head I just call it Marvel super Heroes 2, I just allow Marvel and Capcom to let it go because Lego have already nabbed that title.

I honestly don’t compare this to U3 in any shape or form other than the recycled assets. It’s like MSH with a tag mechanic, and Capcom characters, and no RNG. Of course U3 players will be salty, but to me this is Capcom doing what they’ve always done, being lazy, and it’s almost always created a gem. That’s why I’ve been on board from the get go, it’s the added aspect of playing the series from the start, as opposed to just recent years.

I remember for almost five years straight all I would watch would be (3S and) MvC2, the game was busted to hell, a Chinese ripoff of a Chinese ripoff, but every single match there was something new you never even dreamed of, and that’s what kept me chasing the game. MvC3 had promise but U3 ruined it for me, and then KBR became Marvel god with three big bodies, not so happy.

This to me is completely refreshing and I can’t wait to get started, the roster is just a sacrifice we had to make to have such different gameplay.


I’d rather keep playing Xrd and DBFZ. :coffee:


@d3v RE: Starcraft
I’ll agree that at the tip-top professional level, BW is more interesting to watch than SC2.
But I hated playing the first and could actually manage playing the second, so there’s a certain amount of trade-off there depending on what audience you’re catering to.


So Arcade endings appear to be in.


extra colllloorrsss baaabbbbyyyyyy!!! give me thattttt!!!


Neat. When Ghost Rider tags in Jedah, he calls him “Dark Messiah”.


Is that a feint hint of crack I smell?
I can control myself if it’s just a small whiff.


Yo, I’m not hating on the game (as my PC can handle it) but, why the hell is MvCI install 59 GB!??!

What the hell is Capcom hiding in this bad boy? The entire MCU Phase 1 movies?

I can’t remember an FG that took that much space for PC.


well jedah does attack using might and magic


Do you really want to know?


It’s DLC


Blazblue is 52GB and that game’s story is a visual novel.


SF5 was 7 GB.

I know you got 6 characters locked up for dlc this time but, gawd damn 59 GB… What the hell is in this thing…


SF5 had a lot less content on launch than what MvCi is offering even if we don’t include MvCi’s larger roster. Full story mode, Arcade, Missions (Listing them here because it seems to imply more than just combo trials this time from what we heard), Different online modes, a lot different visual effects, and so on.


Okay, my bad forgot about SFV not having all those things in the beginning (I picked it up later).

Didn’t know BB was that large of a DL.

Thanks for the info.


I’m more interested in how Firebrand ignites his tornadoes


Some Nemesis ass whooping for all you big body fans.


No Armor Arthur blocking.

He only needs himself.


When I realize I’m probably going to use ryu for the sole purpose of using his beam hadouken to pretend I’m using goku already lol