MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


I was already planning to buy Spider-Man: Homecoming anyway, but I want the Superior Spider-Man costume more than the actual movie.

Anyone know if this deal will be available through Steam or is it PS4 exclusive?


Some ideas for 50% time stone

Working on ryu next


Give me that Cammy Frank West pls. ty


I am sooooooo tempted to get this game, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to put the time in getting decent at it. I always been a versus game scrub but I at least want to know/practice some things lol. I played vanilla MvC3 for about 5mo after launch, so I don’t even stick around fighting games that long anymore.

Will my PS3 arcade sticks work wit this game? I don’t know shit about compatibility on PS4, but apparently SF5 allows you to use PS3 controllers? Is it the same for this game?

I really don’t wanna drop money for a new stick. Don’t have that kinda $$ anymore lol


Nah man I gotta get to sleep for work in the morning. Maybe another time.

Well that’s fucking cancer.


I don’t think you understand how to use that word


From what I’ve heard, PS3 sticks won’t work.

I’m sorry.


You guys saw the Black Panther footage from Joka Man ?

I really like what I see here. A rekka, great mobility, hyper that can lock the opponent, overhead. He looks so fun to play (also, a bit of Sigma)


AFAIK, PS4 exclusive.


It’s also on Xbone according to this.


Have you seen that pathetic excuse for a movie? Fuck that movie.


PS3 sticks work with pc version.


What was so bad about it?


Nothing, it’s well received by the majority of people but you will always find a few people that hate something


Love a ‘point, counter-point’ kind of set. Nothing makes you rematch like getting blown up and wanting to look yourself in the mirror afterward.

Some jittery inputs and decisions on my end. I’ve been experimenting and doing some different set-ups and my head is reconciling my habits with stuff I’m trying to add to my game.


Since I did the 2 combo videos for each character now, ive moved onto when im bored actually fiddling with trying to get max damage in the game. So here is a potential for ryu right now. Level 1 no gems… Id theorize that max would be something that gets you to 6k, then sweep, fireball, super fireball. A very specific quota but the way the teching is. It seems to be the case. Ending combos with a air combo is not optimal if going for max damage as they are some of the first moves to take effect on the tech buffer here after you use your slide. So those are probably the 2 main things you want to waste and get rid of as soon as possible. Of course I could have just fireball wave dashed at the beginning but I was trying to at least make it somewhat logistically possible to happen in a real match.

not quite as exciting as this one eh?


Shut up ape.


Just about everything?



Your ghost rider gameplay is on point! Damn!