MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


PS3 sticks work with pc version.


What was so bad about it?


Nothing, it’s well received by the majority of people but you will always find a few people that hate something


Love a ‘point, counter-point’ kind of set. Nothing makes you rematch like getting blown up and wanting to look yourself in the mirror afterward.

Some jittery inputs and decisions on my end. I’ve been experimenting and doing some different set-ups and my head is reconciling my habits with stuff I’m trying to add to my game.


Since I did the 2 combo videos for each character now, ive moved onto when im bored actually fiddling with trying to get max damage in the game. So here is a potential for ryu right now. Level 1 no gems… Id theorize that max would be something that gets you to 6k, then sweep, fireball, super fireball. A very specific quota but the way the teching is. It seems to be the case. Ending combos with a air combo is not optimal if going for max damage as they are some of the first moves to take effect on the tech buffer here after you use your slide. So those are probably the 2 main things you want to waste and get rid of as soon as possible. Of course I could have just fireball wave dashed at the beginning but I was trying to at least make it somewhat logistically possible to happen in a real match.

not quite as exciting as this one eh?


Shut up ape.


Just about everything?



Your ghost rider gameplay is on point! Damn!


The results of me staying up all night to lab Arthur combos.



@“Kalyx triaD” you should do thors taunt while you are waiting for dantes hyper to end. just a suggestion.


I was gonna ask If Ghost Rider is on your radar for some vids, but looks like you just leaked it.

Lookin forward to it.


I used to to do that all the time but I much rather a) Hammer Down mixup if they’re blocking or b) downward Mighty Strike at the end for the neutral ground tech for special or hyper grab. And if A works out B is gonna happen anyway. I could do the taunt and then go for the dive attack anyway, but that’s too dependent on when he last left to be early enough. The recovery from the taunt could make me miss my chance to dive on them, and the meter gained in that brief moment isn’t worth the risk imo.


Not really optimized at all but some rough ideas


Frank West feels like one the most effective characters to active switch out of special moves, his stuff can put opponents on blockstrings for quite some time. Not only that, some moves have slow enough start up that maybe a left/right mixup can be done. Then other times, you can do a semi-slow move, active switch to him and do his roll immediately, I love it lol.


He has a pretty good support kit. Until level 5 hes really bad imo. I think FW even in Level 5 is the worst char in the game. Still way to early to tell IMO


Doesn’t seem like anybody knows where Frank is right now. I figured Frank Dante would at least see some tourney representation early on.


Yeah instead of the servbot head run I wish they gave him shopping cart as a move like the assist in mvc3. They function the same so I don’t know why they changed it. :frowning: I always wanted shopping cart as a reg move.

I think setting up for frank is even harder in this game because neutral is so important and he has kinda bad neutral tools and conversion tools esp at lvl 1. If you rely on your other char to level up frank you essentially are fighting a 2v1. But then again I only put limited time in before I switched so I could be wrong but unlike Mvc3 I didn’t see level 5 as so big of a boost to be worth it to put the time in. The air throw could be amazing for resets if you know how to set up the unblockables


The more I play this game the more I realize how throwing stupid shit out is way too effective for a supposedly competitive game. It’s like risk/reward only exists when you majorly fuck up otherwise it’s derp city.

It’s fun and addictive but every match makes it harder to take it seriously… i thought injustice had braindead moves but man this game ups the stakes by infinity (heh).


Marvel is about fighting oppression. It’s the original super hero fighter so it’s made to be over the top and derpy. It’s not supposed to be an honest risk reward game. That defeats the purpose of Marvel. Might as well just be any other anime fighter or KOF game at that point.

You find new oppressions to beat the current oppressions. This is the bad game