MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


It might be, when I’ve had the presence of mind to use it on block I’m usually tagging too. Guess if tag isn’t an option cancelling recovery into HC mine will force most people to respect your space.


Yeah best idea is to mine + tag. You shouldn’t be that predictable on fire mine honestly, gotta mix it up, lots of the time people answer to the quicker electric trap and I’ll blaster them in the face + tag to my vortex.


soo I booted Chris of my team, and took in Thor! being from Scandinavia It was the natural choice :slight_smile:

Thor is super fun, but I dont see many Thor players online, dont tell me he suck aswell lol


Thor has proper bully play I like him. I might start playing Thor with BP for my God/King team, thinking Rekkas tagged into Thors crazy arse will be dope. That and
I like the idea of plowing through lots of shit.


Thor is best with Power or Space stones.


I knew this would happen with the HSD bug.


yhea I now play Nova/Thor with power stone, I realy like the change in tempo betwen the two characters, and Thor feels alot more mobile the more you play with him plus he hit you very hard! add the power stone and I think the team is legit!


Yeah played a Thor that kept tagging my approaches after his strikes with Power Stone. I had to respect it LOL
So yeah, Dorm/Strange is too fun if someone lets me play and flame carpet lets me play. I didn’t realize until now
that it doesn’t disappear. Yeah Rose Garden is damn good but I have to disagree, Dorm is dope period. I played him
in 3 with DOK but maaaaaaan, now? Shiiiiiiiie. He’s dat boi.

Strange is still pretty damn Strange to play though. He’s got boxes, and literal auto mixups for days, just have to be careful
unless tags available.



Nooooo! My tech! But yeah, rocket skates has some use lol! Didn’t know I could drop into Groot and not get caught. So I’m learning something.


NVM already posted above my bad hah


this tech just made the sonicfox vs fchamp match up a free body for him

any who. nice vids coming out for soul as of late. though sparingly it may be.


So I’m trying to shake off my fear of playing this game online by training with a friend. Any tips on learning to confirm in Marvel? I can get a random hit but then I always end up dropping the combo, which often results in a punish.


Just sounds like lack of experience with Marvel/anime type games. If you have that problem with Marvel you’re probably going to have that problem in every game like that. The hectic pace of Marvel makes it so you really have to have no fear about things as dropping something means you’re likely going to get hit pretty soon and put in set play if they don’t drop their shit.

I don’t really know if there’s any general advice to give to you since confirms are different per character. I mean you could just substitute Captain Marvel for Nemesis for a while as even the most basic/novice player online can just mash in their combo and tag if it is blocked. If they hit you confirm into the longest ground bounce/HKD ever. It’s only the flight/execution characters that really require you to confirm and confirms can be made easier by tagging into another character to extend the length of the confirm or keep a dropped confirm safer (at least ground based confirms). Other than air to airs as long as you have 2 characters you really don’t have to confirm anything the majority of the time. It’s definitely the opposite of SFV where outside of a few characters you’re taking a punish if you don’t one hit confirm or have a medium medium/light bnb.

Only other thing I would suggest is also playing other anime games that are a bit less fast paced just to help get you in the idea of confirming. Overall generally it’s just something you need to practice. More so a mental state you have to get over.


Noob solution, if you find yourself dropping? Neutral active switch. It works surprisingly more than it should, for now. Thusly, noob solution.


Also pick reality stone and press surge.

I accidentally picked reality stone last night vs a guy who beat me the set before (because it’s always the default stone because I dunno). Ended up pressing surge a lot and literally mashed on the buttons during the storm and got cool shit and won. Felt good, reality isn’t too bad.


Thor is in the “I really don’t care about reality stone” club with the armoured charged air dash things.

So at the very least, he always has that.


I already played anime games and I think getting combos in Marvel is easier than in Xrd or BB because the hitstun lasts way longer. I just forget midway through how to go into launcher and juggles.
Also Cap Marvel has the same armor Nemesis has and way easier ways to get in, so switching won’t change much. I don’t have issues confirming from a raw Blitz Blow, but if the other does unsafe stuff and I catch them with a button I end up dropping the chain.
I believe my true issue is playing the neutral. Since I don’t control my space or what I want to do very well I end up messing my combos too. Maybe I should rather focus on developing a gameplan first instead.

P.S. if any noob on PC wants to play some sets feel free to tell me. I’m EU but I should be able to play with East Coast with no problem.


If you’re problem is what to do after a mess up and getting combo’d after, active switch and reality stone WILL help you. I heavy all day so not worried about armored people really.


@“DevilJin 01” Do you play on PS4? Last night I beat someone in a set then got rocked in the 2nd + 3rd set because of reality stone.