MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Also pick reality stone and press surge.

I accidentally picked reality stone last night vs a guy who beat me the set before (because it’s always the default stone because I dunno). Ended up pressing surge a lot and literally mashed on the buttons during the storm and got cool shit and won. Felt good, reality isn’t too bad.


Thor is in the “I really don’t care about reality stone” club with the armoured charged air dash things.

So at the very least, he always has that.


I already played anime games and I think getting combos in Marvel is easier than in Xrd or BB because the hitstun lasts way longer. I just forget midway through how to go into launcher and juggles.
Also Cap Marvel has the same armor Nemesis has and way easier ways to get in, so switching won’t change much. I don’t have issues confirming from a raw Blitz Blow, but if the other does unsafe stuff and I catch them with a button I end up dropping the chain.
I believe my true issue is playing the neutral. Since I don’t control my space or what I want to do very well I end up messing my combos too. Maybe I should rather focus on developing a gameplan first instead.

P.S. if any noob on PC wants to play some sets feel free to tell me. I’m EU but I should be able to play with East Coast with no problem.


If you’re problem is what to do after a mess up and getting combo’d after, active switch and reality stone WILL help you. I heavy all day so not worried about armored people really.


@“DevilJin 01” Do you play on PS4? Last night I beat someone in a set then got rocked in the 2nd + 3rd set because of reality stone.



I’m actually gonna switch from reality to time stone next time I play. Good thing about it, is that I’ll lose all my rank to help level up my Hunter in the beginner ranks :trollface:


Finna play some matches?


Can’t right now. I’ll see if I have some time when my son takes a nap.



His f+HP deflects projectiles including Reality stone.


Yeah PS4. Probably wasn’t me though because I only played reality for one match and then left because I just didn’t wanna use the stone anymore. Plus I’m probably one of the only people that runs Team Darkstslkers with time so probably would have been easy to remember. Gonna start practicing Morrigan May Cry next week


Watching the Capcom Unity stream told me too things

  1. I’m not as worried about Black Panther being complete trash tier as I was before. He is EXTREMELY fast and EXTREMELY mobile. I can’t imagine him not being at least decent

  2. Sigma may have surpassed Coon for my leading candidates to pair with BP. I absolutely love his move set.


Chris g…


I can’t believe it!!!

He’s normally so level headed and never prone to whining this is a complete 180!!!


I meeeeaaannnn only things I agree with chris g on is fighting dante/dorm/ultron alday with reality stone is zzz anyways MH seems fun I kinda wanna main her lol idk what team…


Tbh I agree with him on pushblocking, there no reason you shouldn’t be able to push block jedah rocket etc. I’m not trying to shit on sonic fox but part of the reason he’s so dominant is due to the fact that he bypasses a lot of the built in defenses the game provides. Idk maybe that’s where the push block stuff comes in handy. Also people will begin to adapt, you saw it with champ in there second set when he began to make that comeback.


With the exception of invincible moves and chicken block, and tag I agree with everything else he said there.

There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pushblock RR’s traps or jedah pinwheel.

I’d go on to say that there should also be no hardknockdowns.

But other than that, yeah, he’s right.

Fox is dominant because he’s abusing something pretty damn glitched out.

But it’s sonicfox, dude is just good and if it wasn’t this thing he’s abusing it would be something else… he always finds abusive shit if there’s something to be abused and marvel is probably one of the most abusive game series there has ever been.


Bad game will provide. Funny to see combos only do 6k followed by OMG TOD!


People should call Monster Hunter “monhun” instead of “mh” because monhun is more fun


6k meterless into super for the 7.2k HSD glitch maybe ? (wich make stuff into ToD kinda like umvc3 tac glitch)