MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


I’d rather have this than TODs.But it seems like those are going to be a problem anyway, and you can get stuck in million year long combos which also sucks.


… personal faults, when you’re the console peasant!

Ah, srk! Stay free!



Tony and Strange are mad about that too. They’re not going to take it.


Can anyone tell me what is the exact reason this works yet though? I tried doing a 7K combo with ryu into stuff, and people were still teching, so i need something more specific, unless its weird like only certain moves allow it? Admittedly im not super invested on fooling with the game very much besides the videos ive made so someone is gonna have to explain it to me exactly because I still hvant seen a exact reason on why it works.


You’re the combo guy, you’re supposed to know. Can’t let other people out combo you. Be one with the crack so you can crack the code.

This is basically the new DHC glitch which was also discovered by Japanese wizardry. Except it was easier to figure out why that worked. Specifics for this will probably be tough to pin point.

Marvel 2 had fair set play. J.Wong’s honest pressure before the Tyranny of Sonicfox.


Even the Thundergod of asgard bows down to his true master…



Flamora blamora



just a little sidenote.
4:3 aspect ratio is possible on pc for whatever reason with a extra tool but it kinda fucks up your hud in the menues
but ingame its fine.


I agree with dialup, this is really awful. To the point where low tiers are going to be forever locked into low tier because why would you play them at all unless they have a solid gimmick. It annoys me as a Ryu player when I want to end my combo with Tatsu Super and then they pop out after 5 hits of it and then get to be in perfect block thus making it pointless to go for any mix up with the tagged character.


ChrisG actually makes some fairly good points. He is 100% correct that push block should actually work and not just work against some things and projectiles should follow the same rules rather than “This projectile goes away if you look at it but this other one will beat everything in the game and can’t be reflected”.
But then he contradicts himself. Like how do you say “Everything does 6K” and follow that up with “Pretty much TOD”? I get that he’s referring to the HSD reset but how can you type that out and not notice?
As much as I agree with some of his points, it does read like a ScrubQuote. If that was posted by “WolverinePlayer09er” people would happily shit on it but instead there’s a shit load of people sucking his dick. I suppose just like this game there’s inconsistencies in who’s dick gets sucked and who gets laughed at.

I agree with him regarding PushBlock and Projectile inconsistencies and adjusting PushBlock to actually work against shit would negate some of his other issues as well like Set Play. Set Play being escapable with a well timed pushblock or two would fix a lot of issues people have, at least in my opinion.

I’m just really struggling to get past this “Everyone does 6K”/“TOD” shit. Considering you have to get to 7.3k in order to reset the HSD then surely that blows that point instantly out of the water before even mentioning how an actual TOD is a minimum of 9k. I know maths can be hard but 7.3k is a higher number that 6k.


Are people using the HSD glitch in actual matches?


There always going to be a high and low tier. It serms like you’re not taking hsd into when doing your combos. So they need to be adjusted.


Secret tech


Arthur can jump cancel his air projectiles. Idk if this is common knowledge, but I didn’t see anything in the Arthur threads so I wanted to share.


I’ve been hit by the HSD glitch in 8 matches on PC. Guy dropped it a few times. People WILL get good at them.


We aware of that. I think it was shown on MvC twitter


Idk if id say fair…people got so fancy with magneto its hard to remember how simple you can kill people with one reset


Honestly while it lasts a hot minute I find it easier to block in lockdown in MvCi than it is to black MSP regularly. That’s just me.


Gamora’s gun’s being a physical attack makes all the sense now. Not sure if you guys saw the DLC stream but Sigma doesn’t reflect but rather teleport when the guns hits his counter.


Damn bro you were literally just hyping up Ironman like a motherfucker. :lol:

Dante is Jesus tier in this game. He’s like vanilla MvC3 Dante on crack with more tools. Literally all of his specials combo into other specials and free tag-ins. I’d also like to say that your DmC Dante in your AV is ugly af and disrespectful to DMC3 Dante. :tdown:


I realize ToDs matter, but to even use the HSD glitch you have to pump out 7.3k damage as your starter- pretty good chance that character is dying anyway. Not exactly the Spiderman infinite for game affecting.

I actually like that there are lots of exceptions and idiosyncrasies to the projectile and pushblock rules. Complaining that damage is all the same while also complaining that moves aren’t all the same just makes it sound like what he really likes is complaining.