MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


The situation sounds nice but I’m not sure of any game that was like that. Having combos from stray hits is nice but if it leads to a ToD it becomes stale really quickly. TaCs became boring to look at and even some of the characters combos were just boring after while. It is cool to see some creative confirms but that’s not enough.

For instance whenever Zero got a hit in mvc3 it hust lead into lightning loops which lead to death. After a while it gets old.


Where did the phrase set play come from? A meme? What was wrong with the phrases setup or lockdown?


While there is a metric for sf5 in mvci, the 2 games are light years apart as far as creativity in offense and safety in offense.

It’s very old. Mostly an anime reference it means different things to different people in different games.

I’ve heard it used only for guaranteed shit like a lockdown or an unblockable that can’t be mashed out of.

And I’ve also heard it used for something like an oki based mixup.

For me it merely means “a setup that you’ve practiced in training mode that leaves your opponent with fewer options than normal amd usually results in a mixup of some sort”


Both games are decided more thru decision making than finger work was what I was getting at.


Without damage caps, yeah there’s some creativity finding optimal combos, but once optimal combos are found all creativity goes down the toilet as every player starts doing exactly the same handful of things.

And it isn’t remotely like everything just combos from everything in this game, there’s still a ton of specific knowledge concerning what your follow up options are.


New Storm ongoing solo coming soon! :slight_smile:

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates
Artist: Jen Bartel

This should give her more chances of making it as a DLC. :slight_smile:


Seriously this game should change name to Marvel vs Dante. WHAT WRONG WITH YOU GUYS??? 90% of the match is against DANTE DANTE DANTE!! oh ya and sometime ultron or gamora…


Yea it’s hard to find a match that doesn’t involve at least dante, gamora, ultron, dorm, or thanos.

If you do find one it’s probably a x/zero team lol



Lol at ChrisG ranting about the problems of MvCI, now he knows what it feels like to be on the receiving end.


Think I’m going to attempt a hunter/Hawkeye team on the 17th. I want to shoot a bunch of up arrows during time storm and teleport everywhere while they are coming down


His over head has the red armor, I think that’s hyper armor.


Now people are complaining about combo’s? It really only takes one person of “popularity” to say something for the whining to start rolling with the narrative.

You can’t use Mvc2 as a base for a game of what you want and then get upset when you get that.

Hence I think most the problem with the Vs games are the people not the games. The FGC crowd pushes for the game to have dirty setups and hard to blockables when honestly the game should be about taking respective characters from marvel and capcom and putting them in a game with over the top special moves and abilities and having them fight.

The fgc and casuals can’t handle cheap or broken stuff anymore that era has passed.

Like how many people would have been mad if the game looked amazing, but you couldn’t open people up during people supers with a tag, when you in block stun you can’t open people up with high low mix up’s at all.


Also with the HSD the reason its like that is because of the options people have to open you up, the only way hulk is really opening you up is if you mess up and get hit with a stray limb. Where as strider can force all kind of situations and mix ups. If there was no hit stun decay then there would have to be more balance by health or straight up you spin out of combo’s after X amount of normal hits and or damage scaling.

So yeah strider has to hit more buttons and do longer combo’s to get to 6k, but he also has a ton of projectiles, and ways to open you up. Hulk on the other hand has to do much less to get to that point but he’s slow, big and far less ways to open you up. If the HSD was too much higher than what it is the game would be that much closer to being a OTK game all over again.


Simple case of people being rewarded for style vs strategy. Real talk the
hsd glitch let’s you do both. Play on fam.


Not sure what game is like that?? What? Lots of games have random confirms of doing specific combos off random hits depending on the situation not just marvel. Look at games like GG… depending on if we notice if the character is ducking or not when they are hit tons of combos change as to what is optimal if you notice. Depending on just how close you are to the corner. How much gaurd meter they had if you get a extra couple counter hits instead of one. Hell even random games like karnovs revenge if you notice which way the opponent has their dizzy spot or is protecticing it you change your combo on the fly.

I find it hard to believe youve never seen people do specific combos in specific situations that are optimal and knowing which ones to do from specific situations and reacting to them accordingly shows a level of skill and knowledge. Now combos dont need to be specific because they all work till you get to around the same point.

I dont know what people are saying about it only took one person to get the ball rolling. Go look at my first post about this game here first day playing, I posted it in all my combo videos. So I dont see how that applies. I dont think you get what im getting at either with the characters that have less options vs characters that have more. Because implying strider has to do lots of combos or hits to get 6k where as hulk does less hits to get it is not what im saying at all. Strider can do a simple combo and get basically the same amount of damage had he done a complicated one. Go watch my videos I did with him and compare the damage.

I think you need to play the game and fiddle with it a bit more to see that everything pretty much does combo to everything. We have a regular OTG, ground bounce OTG, wall bounce, and a ground slide. 4 main quirks of extending your combo in this game that is a general idea of this game. However the fact is we never need to use all 4. Finding optimal combos trying to squeeze in all 4 options the game gives us is not needed, because actually just using 1 often gives us the “same” amount of damage if we go for more.

Oh well way to much typing for this, not invested nor care about the game enough. Again its cool if people t hink its creative at neutral or mix up wise tag wise whatever you want to say. But the combo system at its core general idea with out any bugs for the character themselves is not. Just a false sense of freedom to the whole thing with way to many fail safes put in.


More Infinites


I get what succy is saying but i think hes also kind of overrating (and i find myself doing it too FWIW) the risk reward of a game like MvC2. i mean storm sent DHC takes like 20 minutes to learn to the point of “you should never drop this again” and it does the job. unfly combos only add what, 1 more light kick to the combo, so youre not really doing crazy damage. even mvc1, fancy duo synergy combo aside, lean more towards the simple than the crazy hard to do. wolverines divekick corner uncombo isnt the pinnacle of execution.

so then, what is the real issue that makes this game still feel unrewarding? I think its because of WHAT capcom decided to focus on nerfing from the previous vs game. in mvc1-mvc2, they were so intent on neutering heavy combos leaving opponents in a juggle state, thats why wolverine lost his iconic corner flyscreen divekick swag (even tho they didnt do anything abt specials in the corner causing wallbounce, giving sentinel a free setup to that god damb unblockable). mvc3-mvci, it feels like they wanted to do something about “all day long” combos and hilarious OTG times. thus we get stricter combo windows (tho still much wider by mvc2 standards). Still, the feeling of “this is too easy/not rewarding” perpetuates through sometimes.

Personally, for me I think it might be because of the relaunches. Launch>magic series>knockdown>relaunch>magic series>knockdown>super is cool to market to casuals in trailers, but I want to do more than just that. why limit us from activating fly again after unflying? i mean, you get to counter tags with 2 bars so why not let me get some fly shenanigans on? staircase is cool but its already to the point of “okay, now what else can i do?” the game wants to limit normal jump juggle states like ROM/iron man infinite, so they make it to where all the characters feel real floaty and almost weightless.

it is still early and were def not at the limits of discovery so im sure someone will figure some useful shit out but right now it does feel kind of limited.


Japanese yet again, and people say the Japanese don’t like Marvel when it’s always them who find the most intricate broken shit. Even ROM was Japanese and he was the one who found the famous Magneto infinite in MvC2.


Because a couple of special players don’t represent the entire country’s thoughts and feelings on Marvel games.


boy that infinite sure feels familiar