MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


That beat is amazing.


Wolverine is a nut


Idk man, Rocket has entirely different combo routes off of fire vs lightning mine, use the wrong one and the opponent flips out. Only option to follow up hk Groot is stun gun. Easy to push opponents out of range of his limbs. Etc.

Spencer can follow up his overheard with exactly one move, can only combo hand grenades or qcb.hp off of df.hp, only knee drop he can air combo into is lk.knee, and only if the opponent hasn’t been pushed too far out. Etc.

Jedah’s drill basically only combos from launcher… Well, you get the idea. Every character has this stuff. The fact that there are more bounces or whatever than you effectively use doesn’t change the fact that you have to know what you are doing.


When is the Battle for the Stones supposed to be ending? December like Capcom Cup? I suppose there won’t be an actual balance patch prior to that


Man Hawkeye feels so disappointing to use.
Been running Hawkeye/Gamora and dude just feels so lackluster in this game, like he’s missing something.


This is the shittiest writer in marvel. It’s going to be some black power sjw bullshit. His last book were all the black heroes fighting against white people moving into fucking Harlem.


i feel you too. with the way the system is now he feels meh. i should try him with time though to see if i can make that work.

chip nerf hurts though a lot. just a matter of time before you get opened up.


There’s already a patch coming next Tuesday to fix the Spidey infinite.


Am I the only one that thinks full screen zoning should be made a bit stronger? Just make switching lower chip damage in a certain string and it shouldn’t be too strong.


Those long ass combos with the glitch do so little damage and give so much meter for a counter switch that it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. There’s no meter hog top tier like Zero, Morrigan or Phoenix in this game to benefit as much from the meter building.


fuck no.


Quick question guys, can someone tell me what leads to the wall bounce when Dante is tagged in at 10:33?

The reason I ask is because I’m confused lol.

I was wondering if whatever this is is what SonicFox uses to keep the combo going after Rocket finishes his combo. I thought it was just cr.hp but everytime i do that with other characters (haven’t tried jedah) they can’t be popped up because Rocket already used his ground bounce earlier in the combo. Confused.


LOL there has to be more context than that. Was it the Kingpin or something like that, or some random yuppies?


I have a feeling Ryu can also activate the HSD glitch with his beam super too. I am not a skilled enough player but I’m sure combo into up Shinku, they hit the ground, Shoryuken canceled into Shinku could activate the glitch. Just from what I’m seeing about the glitch.


I gotta read that.


I mean it’s not a balance patch per se, more like normalization patch


Sounds like my kind of book fam.

Can you drop me a name/link? I’d like to purchase.


This writer is on some next level “ends justify the means” shit.


So a fun little thing I found with Frank during Time Storm, if you do air LP Tools of Survival and cancel into a normal, he will stay in the air indefinitely as long as you hit the opponent with said normal(s). You can come up with some cool looking air combos with this I guess.


The auto hit from the tag in actually causes a wall bounce and a ground bounce