MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


fighting a dante that face rolls teleport rainstorm into helm brkr/hammer/reality/tag drives me up the wall cause I know it’s coming and basically have to guess… even zeros super doesn’t help cause dante’s high enough that this nonsense will hit zero after the invul is gone

can’t be on the gound but then if I start jumping here comes the inevitable jetstream tornado tempest crossunder/mixup


Latest “cool findings” for my Strider/Strange and Morrigan/Ghost Rider teams:

  • Since the stun on Mind Surge is so long, you can use the time to push the opponent towards the corner. Doing this with Strider makes the follow up Gram loops much easier.
  • Any Ghost Rider combo ending with d+d.HP (with a ground bounce available) is a free Harmonious Spear for Morrigan. It’s even more terrifying than that because the set up leaves her full screen with time to put out Soul Fists. You can tag to get rid of the debuff, but that gives Morrigan even more time to set up, and on certain teams you do not want the second character to deal with her.


the layers…


I just mash Monster Hunter’s Real Sword Fighting hyper and it catches Rain Storm.


Yeah, that’s a mixup you really don’t have to hold really. Just know it’s coming and look at Dantes indicator when he’s under you. I know most people don’t do that. Me? I just space stone that shit. Give me bar son!


ew. why nerf storm…


The part where it mentions no tagging for the first 3 seconds/no pre-fight tagging makes it seem fake to me.


Looks so official laff


Hope its fake. Hope capcom doesnt swing the kill stick around Dorm.

  • No Chris/Ryu/Hulk buffs
  • No Zero nerfs
  • No change to ground Mind Surge

Yup, sounds exactly like Capcom balancing in motion.


I hope these are fake as well. I don’t like the reality stone changes. I think the stone needs increased lag OR for the surge to disappear on hit. Both are a bit much.


Until its official…yeah this seems like how a bunch of event scrub commentors would have balanced the game.

That patch would pretty much ensure people only use space stone at tournaments.


It’s definitely fake. It doesn’t actually fix some of the more inherent issues with the game. Capcom is stupid but not THAT stupid.



Reveals tomorrow!

[details=Spoiler] For Injustice!


Though reveals have happened at the same time with the two. Heres hoping.


i realized just now cyclops is ryu.

in terms of what they both offer and can do. basically the same.


I ate a copyright strike for putting indestructible on that video but it was worth it.


Also spidey punch super is invincible i blurfed and left it out of that vid.


See, the thing is, Alex is the opposite of Zero, his design document has a different set of two words.


Low tier


If that Reality Stone nerf happens it will kill it as an option. This is exactly why I mentioned long ago how we have to be careful what we complain about. So many devs over correct. The Overwatch community suffers this like every two months.

The blockstun thing… I wouldn’t go that direction. Sounds a tad ambiguous. I don’t trust Capcom to know the difference between infinite blockstun and a really good blockstring, if that makes sense. I’d add a blockstun escape tag that costs 1 meter, with free invincibility frames incoming. But that’s me.

The hitstun glitch was gonna get resolved and good riddance. Yeah yeah ‘combos were a glitch’ I get that but I’m not gonna be happy with every glitch ever because of the most famous happy accident. I will always lean toward the intended mechanics.

No tagging during faceoff, wtf? Was this a thing people took issue with?


You can not combo with his beam super after DP unless it’s in the corner or I believe against a big body.