MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th



Reveals tomorrow!

[details=Spoiler] For Injustice!


Though reveals have happened at the same time with the two. Heres hoping.


i realized just now cyclops is ryu.

in terms of what they both offer and can do. basically the same.


I ate a copyright strike for putting indestructible on that video but it was worth it.


Also spidey punch super is invincible i blurfed and left it out of that vid.


See, the thing is, Alex is the opposite of Zero, his design document has a different set of two words.


Low tier


If that Reality Stone nerf happens it will kill it as an option. This is exactly why I mentioned long ago how we have to be careful what we complain about. So many devs over correct. The Overwatch community suffers this like every two months.

The blockstun thing… I wouldn’t go that direction. Sounds a tad ambiguous. I don’t trust Capcom to know the difference between infinite blockstun and a really good blockstring, if that makes sense. I’d add a blockstun escape tag that costs 1 meter, with free invincibility frames incoming. But that’s me.

The hitstun glitch was gonna get resolved and good riddance. Yeah yeah ‘combos were a glitch’ I get that but I’m not gonna be happy with every glitch ever because of the most famous happy accident. I will always lean toward the intended mechanics.

No tagging during faceoff, wtf? Was this a thing people took issue with?


You can not combo with his beam super after DP unless it’s in the corner or I believe against a big body.


This made me want dhalsim in the game.


Reality and thorns should disappear on hit, but reality doesn’t need any other nerfs like start up or whatever.


The problem is that people with big ass mouths complain about stupid shit, and whoever is winning online ranks/tournaments. Developers base balancing whoever making casual mads online, or whatever character that shows too much in tournament online.


Bafael pro tips


i meant as a get off me dp and while he is in the air hyper beam down and tag for mix ups


Hit box for Dantes Hammer is El stupido and zero is El stupido. Starting to warm to the idea that zero is just as good as Dante. Dante is just excellent and helps his team more.

Getting to a point where seeing Ultron and Dorm is a relief.


I was gonna make a post saying fuck Dante blah blah, but honestly the whole game is full of nonsense.
It’s just that Dante is braindead and super effective with anyone so everyone is using him but soon enough many characters are gonna catch up, especially if they nerf him.
So many slept on characters have stupid ass stuff and all sorts of garbage that’s just as dumb as Dante/Zero/Thorns.


Not seeing it with Zero being better than Dante. Dante synergizes better with the roster and I feel Zero is at least a little challenged by some zoning/keep away.


Is there a tool or resource to find out about local fgc gatherings for marvel?

Im in central Florida in case anyone just knows offhand


Dante and Zero are in a league of their own.

Dante has easy mode conversions and can get at you no matter where you are at the screen at the cost of slow (but large) normals and lacking options while being pressured.

Zero’s offense isn’t quite as strong as Dante’s but has the best defense out of all the top tiers with a meterless reversal that has mad active frames and a lvl 1 invincible super that covers a large area and puts him in a position where you can’t respond with a level 3.

If Zero didn’t have his reversal options then Dante would be uncontested for best.

Until Strider sneaks in to steal the crown B)


They’re both pretty ridiculously good on offense and defense, just Dante has to respect your buttons more when you’re right on top of him. Zero has to respect people with near instant good zoning options (who doesn’t?) but fuck if he can’t zone himself.

Strider is good but I don’t respect him in neutral unassisted anywhere close to these two. It’s hard to be bad with stupid sword normals though. I could see him in Ultron/Dorm tier right under Dante/Zero. Imma call Marvel and complain, be like. Why yo characters suck in UMVI son? They don’t but haha


I only said Strider because of @Zatalcon


There is a Facebook group I was apart of for central and South florida when I still had Facebook. I would start there first.

The forums here for local fgc stuff kind of migrated there.