MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


All this Flash vs Eddie talk. Not enjoying both

They bring two different flavours to things and I love them both (Mania’s got lots of potential too, so it’s always nice to see her). I loved when Brock was Anti-Venom cause that was a great advancement to his character. While I was sad to see that go, now that Lee isn’t the main character and it’s back to Brock, I’m happy. Flash and Eddie are going to meet and clash and then team up against Lee Price this December so that should be fun.

My ideal situation would be Eddie as Anti-Venom and Flash back as Agent Venom.

On the topic of gun users. I think the way to include Punisher and an Agent Venom type would be the focus on the soldier aspect rather than just gun. Frank is violence personified, he’s great with hand-to-hand, small arms, knives, etc.

To keep him unique, I’d make him a walking tribute to the arcade game, you could have him pick up weapons like Cody, but also have him using knife attacks, submission holds, bone breaking throws, trip wires, hell, even the battle van and stolen weapons from villains that he used for a time.

With Flash/ Agent Venom, you can have a ton of fun. Sure give him a gun special or two, but make him use symbiote tendrils for whips, grabs, grenade specials, and play up the acrobatics, he’s Spider-man if he became a Shield agent and would be willing to use lethal force (but isn’t bloodthirsty), use some football tackles and give him a “Hail Mary” gamble lvl3 super where if you pull off additional button presses the damage and moves get more impressive.

my tl;dr: If Venom’s the Ralph, make Flash the Clark – similar visual aesthetic, different approach to fighting.


Brock was never able to elevate himself beyond the streets of NY. He is the very definition of wasted potential. Every host after him (expect Lee) managed to bring themselves to new heights with the symbiote. Brock never did. He had a nice turnaround when he was anti-venom but that didn’t last long.


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Venom should have stayed a evil motherfucker that wanted to eat brains. Fuck the heroe turn. Glad they kept mainstream Sabretooth heel for the most part.


Mainstream Sabretooth became a hero in AXIS after going through a moral inversion. Hero Sabretooth was actually pretty awesome.


If they’re fun to play as I’ll go for it. I didn’t expect to land on Hawkeye like I have the past week being he didn’t interest me in the slightest in Ultimate, but here we are.

Capcom this year has made it a point to make sure the least visually appealing characters (Abigail) make up for it with stellar gameplay.


They try hero every popular bad guy it seems for a while. From what I know Sabre was anti hero at best but I digress. I don’t follow like I used too. My man used to eat people and like it lol


It’s comics. Everyone turns evil or becomes good or some nonesense at some point.


Flash’s story can be cool and all, but if they turned my MVC Venom into another gun-fu fighter, they would feel my wrath.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Is this what I see? Looks like the bomb disregards blocking and lets you combo afterward. If so that is kinda scary.


Think they were showing off a cross up


True or they get their alternate version self if they become popular enough. Shot spiderman has an unfathomable amount of copy cat versions.


We could have had this


My shameless plug of my mini Q essay:

I tend to hang out in the SF5 lore thread and this video was made due to all the time I spend in there hah. Basically, over the years I’ve obsessively looked at all the minor details available and had theories on who Q could be and one day turned it into a video as a proposal for a way to present the SF canon. Especially now that we’ve got some amazing folks translating and correcting old information and providing excellent scans of Japan-only materials. I’m not saying I’m right about my findings or anything, just theorizing what I found from connecting the dots.

Yeah, though for me Brock’s made sense because as lovably loopy as he was, he always saw himself as “a victim of Spider-man and a hero” so, having him slide around makes sense rather than him being pure evil. He doesn’t wanna rule the city, steal from banks, kill orphans, or teepee the nursing home – he’s got all sorts of issues but wants to do the right thing. (Oftenly as violently as possible).

Also I agree with you on Spidey having too many copy cats. There’s currently like 8 of them running around;

Ben Reilly
Kaine Reilly
Jessica Drew (I know she’s more poisonous and stuff, but she’s still a "spider-themed hero"
Spider-girl (Anya I think her name is)


Just to let people know and since some asked, because we’re already way past 500 pages I’ll officially close and make a new thread after the Dec 5th DLC launch.

Then after that new thread every 500.


Actually a running gag is how Jessica has nothing to do with Peter or his powers. She doesn’t shot web, her wall crawling is way under utilized, no spidey sense, etc. She just so happens to be named Spider-Woman.


So I did this in a match today, i have no idea how the hell did this combo. I tried replicating the scenario in training mode but i can’t get it to work.

My intention was to reset but for some reason it ended up actually comboing. Is that a thing ?


Looks like the combo counter just didn’t reset for some reason. If you look closely in the video it didn’t actually combo, Chun-li went into her crouch before you did the grab super (which if it combo’d, she wouldn’t have gotten to a neutral state like that in the first place).


Right, @LordWilliam1234 . It was just a weird situation. I have been in the training mode for like 30 minutes trying to replicate it. I don’t know what would have been useful from that scenario but i thought it was a neat find.