MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


downloaded spiderman costume. where everybody else at


Just watched Chris G get rekt by a Dante/Gamora team over and over and over.

If you can’t make post patch Gamora work, that’s on you.


What’s that?

The Whaaaaaaaaaambulance?


Agree that she’s still probably top 10, but the gun thing is what made her top 5.

Heck, even with all his nerfs I think Dante is still better than her.


Dante is still top 5 with the nerfs

unless the nerfs were gonna be cutting his moveset in half, no 1 more frame startup here, no slightly bigger hurtbox there is gonna hurt him that badly no matter how many of them there are.


Gamora and Dante frauds on suicide watch.
Your top 5 character gets made into something a little bit more in line with the rest of the cast=them being ruined.
Fuck outta here, mad cause you can’t lay down and eat pizza with one hand while you slide our greasy ass fingers over the controller until you get a win. Yall trippin.


Dorm/Ultron still strong. Prob will keep the team maybe have Venom/Ultron team.


Ultron j.hp nerf nothing what I thought it was gonna be

its still an absurd crossup, it just no longer connects in situations where it clearly visually misses.


In the honour of the patch and new dlc

I give you this

watch this blessed video, and your joy will increase!!!


So, who’s not fun to fight against after the patch?


anyone that can beat you


I would say the DLC characters…
but I wouldn’t know because they’re still not out on PC.


Ps4 needs to drop this dlc like now, this wait is bullshit


Store doesn’t update until like 12 hours from now, I believe.



Probably Dorm too


Nothing really feel different except Dante, reality stone and space box lasting less.

Gamora is still a AAA asshole character. As someone who plays Morrigan, this character is still a gigantic pain in the ass to fight. Yes the nerf to guns helped but it didn’t turn her hopeless.

Zero is someone I expected to be worse but after playing him for a while, he might be the number 1 dude in the game again. Lvl 1 super is still good and DP is still solid.

Dormamamu still solid, Ultron is still super strong.

Honestly, not much feel different except reality surge and Dante. Btw a friend of mine (UK) is saying that Widow,Venom and Winter Soldier are out. I am at work so I can’t check myself but can you guys check?


As far as Sony goes, the DLC characters aren’t in my PS Store yet (east coast US). You have to download the characters manually from the store for this game so until they show up in the store, can’t do shit.


I wouldn’t mind the characters not being out yet if there was a timer to tell when they would be available. :frowning:


We predicted crack, crack came and now it’s time for a new thread of crack.

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