MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Not gonna lie, I liked what I saw.

Those mind stone shenanigans were interesting. Putting a box around the opponent so they can’t move I guess?

Saw Hulk do (cr.?) LK and HP OTGs. Chun-Li did the same thing with a super, can’t remember if it was with the power stone active though.

Strider has a new super and orbs are 1 bar again.

Ultron’s red streaks on his normals remind me of Sabertooth’s from XvSF. He can also call out drones to help him a la assists.

Hawkeye has a new cinematic super. Speaking of Hawkeye, his new voice is disgusting lmao.

Thor has a new level 3, reuses Marvel 3 animations as expected.

Space stone is able to drag opponents closer to you. Magneto had a move like that in Marvel 3 iirc.

Power stone still acts the same as we saw in the first gameplay trailer.


They took it down pretty quick. It seems like from what I saw gems have a regular ability and a super ability. The gem super ability works like SF5 V-Trigger meter where it builds as you get hit. For instance space gem regular activation pulls the enemy toward you and the super version puts the enemy in a small box that they limits their movement. Also there are auto combos and easy supers. Ultron can summon drones to attack. Strider Ouroborus is 1 meter and Thor has a new super. A lot of shit reused from 3.



Casuals don’t really care about how diffcult it is to do a dp, they mash buttons and directions and a special move comes out and they are happy.

The way NRS caters to casual is the way to do it, you shine up and polish your product, you add a engaging single player mode with a ton of unlockables or secret moves and characters. You drop dlc characters in packs and preview ahead of release.

Casuals aren’t not buying and playing vs games because they can’t do dp’s or super moves.

Casuals don’t dislike sf5 because of the motions its because the game itself is a bare bones Vs mode.

Apples and oranges really.

And I hate that capcom keeps pushing “casual friendly” I don’t think I’ve heard NRS mention that once in the last 2 months of the character break down an previews of the game. Casuals will play if the game is good.


It’s lacking visual flare… Like really badly lol. Still looks high paced gameplay though so there’s hope.


The gameplay looked really free form, OTGs seem Skullgirls esque (i.e. anything that’ll hit low enough works), so I assume there’s a limit? I didn’t see any cost for active switch except a cooldown, so it seems like there is kind of an assist mechanic, but you have to call your point for your partner? No more sitting on Doom when you can’t play him, I guess. Space Stone active puts the opponent in a tiny prison, and then Ultron active switched to Strider, seemed like a hella fast mixup, definitely looked Marvel worthy but I guess it could be easier to block when we actually know something about the game.

Still pretty ugly and I still hate the HUD but I’m definitely impressed gameplay wise.


Lol why do they bother taking it down, as soon as shit goes up it’s been downloaded. The stone shenanigans look interesting but boy have the effects and animations taken a step back. Thor’s lvl 3 looked better in mvc3. This is just not pleasing to the eye right now lol.

Did I just see Gamma charge cause hard knockdown into cr.l otg? Looks like they’re dishing out decent solo combo potential to offset no assists.


Gameplay looks decent. Wash hoping for a full beginning to end match though.

I leave it to you diehards to analyze every scrap of data.


Chris has limited ammo now


Maybe that’s what Ryce (?) meant about Chris being toned down on using guns.


…what LVL 3?


There’s a kind of burst mechanic, cost two bars, lets your second character come in but doesn’t actually get the character being hit out of hit stun. Happens about 3:12 in the video, Thor launches Ultron, there’s some ZA WARUDO flash, and then Ultron’s partner comes in, but Thor keeps comboing Ultron. I’m always wary of bursts that cost meter being implemented badly but this seems like a really interesting way to do one, need more info.


The Down and Danger notifications seems in an annoying placement? that covers both life gauge!

I know they aim for looking on the life gauge? Why not under the life gauge closer to time?

So it will update the player both in time and life left by another partner character.


Goddamn I got claustrophobic just watching that video. That coupled with mobility gems makes it look like big bodies are going to rule the game for the first couple of weeks.


Goes to show how much Thor got used in MVC3. Mighty punish, I thought it was a lvl3 lmao.


Maybe I’m missing something but besides being 2v2 I’m not seeing the comparisons to mvc1 and xvsf that other people are seeing. Definitely much more tvc/mvc3 inspired.


Nah I’ve watched it three times now. This game has a fuckton of potential. Literally the only issue is the graphics and how the chars look like they’re blending into the background.

Looked interesting, Strider has Hulk in blockstun from his Wall Dive then calls Ultron to go ham while Hulk is still blocking. Like SFxT tag switch (or whatever it was called).


Yeah, I replayed that particular mixup a bunch. Looked dirty as fuck.


Hm. If I understand correctly gems work like a SF revenge system (ultra/VT) and you charge them only if you get beaten enough… dunno about that. Maybe less retarded than X-Factor, but it would be nice to have some options from the get-go.

[edit] I’m wrong, you can use the stone ability even without bars


Space stone looks the most interesting right now. 360° Aegis against characters with scary up close game is going to be terrifying. Hulk has anime combos now :lol:


Thread yesterday
’God all of this is terrible! Different controls? Poor visual style? GEMS!? FREAKING SIGMA DLC!? This game is so shit, is it a phone game?’

Thread today
’…yeah, well…I mean, it still looks bad I guess…orders copy

Make up your mind you tsundere fucks ha ha!