MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Thread yesterday
’God all of this is terrible! Different controls? Poor visual style? GEMS!? FREAKING SIGMA DLC!? This game is so shit, is it a phone game?’

Thread today
’…yeah, well…I mean, it still looks bad I guess…orders copy

Make up your mind you tsundere fucks ha ha!


I called it on auto combos, but that was obvious. I hope its just an option like in MvC1 or 2, otherwise MvC:I might be a mashfest

In motion, I feel the character models need a lighting improvement or something stylistic to bring out form because they look a little flat.

I hope they spend time revamping the UI, even though it does what its supposed to do, but having a new style for the lifebars wouldn’t hurt

I see Chun got her super back from MvC1, but make the visual que at the end of it look the same as it was back then.

And I hope there is at least 40 characters on launch. dont need a SFV version of Marvel


Hey, I was tentatively holding my breath, wasn’t quite ready to join team sky is falling yet

  • burst mechanic: costs 2 bars, but it just summons your second character, it doesn’t drop you from the combo
  • Ultron is gives me Nova vibes
  • Ouroboros is 1 bar
  • Chun’s air super is back
  • Hulk has an otg low (might be a Power Stone effect?)
  • air launcher is a ground bounce after an air combo
  • Strider tagged with the first hit, and it didn’t even hit
  • the pace didn’t felt broken with the tags
  • stone skill can be done every time, Power Stone gives you that wall bounce, Time Stone gives you that teleport dash doable in the air, Space stone pulls the opponent towards you
  • upon activation, the Space stone creates a box around the opponent, limiting movement greatly, Time Stone has that custom combo stuff. Power Stone I’m not sure, maybe is increases the amount of bounces in a combo?
  • the stone bar is cut in half. Upon actiavion that bar starts draining. Maybe you can only activate it with half a bar, but the effects will last as long as the bar is full

Outside of the animations looking rough as fuck on floating animations, most noticeable on wall bounces, this is a game I might buy. If there’s a Breath of Fire rep, I’ll preorder the deluxe edition.

EDIT: Fuck, forgot that I don’t have a PS4, and my toaster probably won’t handle it.


Looks like trash.


I can’t tell if there are character themes. I sorta hear Chun’s (i think) but i don’t hear other themes… someone got a better ear?


Idk if its me, but there’s a part where ultron uses space gem and im not sure if hulk jumped to ultron or if the space gem can also pull opponents when using it’s skill.

edit: oh someone pointed it out already


I definitely hear Chun’s theme.


That didn’t look so bad. I mean, it’s probably not my kind of game, but first impressions seems like something that could work.


The fact that X and Captain Marvel haven’t been shown much leads me to believe that they’re probably not really as finished as the rest of the characters.


I’m not pleased, and I’m a huge marvel fan boy.

This looks bad, honestly I probably wont buy it.

It looks like a mobile game, literally.

And it’s carrying over alot of the same gripes I had with mvc3.

For a whole knew game I sure can’t tell. With all the reused assets and some of the mechanics


Curious to know what Soul, Reality and Mind Stones will do in regards to the Skill it gives you and the ability you get when it’s charged.


God, this looks like a trainwreck.

The only way this is going to be good is by total accident. There’s no saving it now.


It’s actually worse than I thought it was going to be. Not ordering a goddamn thing. Suck my dick Capcom.


The gameplay doesn’t look too bad, but the visuals are honestly disgusting. I don’t know how such an ugly, soulless artstyle is even acceptable for a next-gen Marvel game. There’s still 5 months before the game drops, but it’s Capcom. This game’ll probably still look like horse shit when it drops.

And the music sounded whack from what I could make out. Capcom really seems to have no artistic talent anymore.


I actually am super disappointed by what gameplay we’ve seen. It’s slow and simplified, looks like defensive rolls aren’t back, damage nerfed.

I doubt I’ll bother picking it up with Rev 2 out there. Ah, well.



Also, apparently the game has 2/3 rounds now?


I will be the first to say that the HUD needs work and the models could definitely be made to stand out more but that gameplay looks smooth and interesting with a lot of potential when it comes to player expression.
I get that the graphics are hardly fantastic but people writing the game off because it doesn’t look pretty enough? I still play the old Vs. games and they look awful by today’s standard and yet, the gameplay is superb.
Oh, and people writing off the game due to “Simplified controls”… Why don’t you wait and see what people have to say when they get to play the game? For all you know that could’ve been Simple mode but you’re ready to take a giant shit on it because “Casuals” when you don’t even know the full extent of what’s happening so far.


the gameplay looks fun and Marvel but the graphics need work.
Normally i would have faith in Capcom to do the right thing but…

also the are the stages smaller and character models larger?