MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Looks to be a mashup of tvc/sfxt tbh


FINALLY, I DON’T HAVE TO SIT THERE AND EAT AN INFINITE COMBO! Actually, the counter switch doesn’t break the combo, just tags in your other character so you can force your opponent to drop the combo? But I’m guessing there will be ways to counter this, maybe when you try to attack someone mid combo they activate super or tag in their partner… This is actually a really cool way of implementing team dynamics.


Doing it might limit your tag amount during the combo, like, using Ultron/Strider as an example, Ultron tags into Strider to mixup, Strider open you up, do his combo, tag into ultron to finish, but it will do less damage than Ultron opening you up by himself, tagging Strider in to continue the combo, and tagging Ultron back again, so it might be a bit more balanced. But nothing stops those dirty mixups on hit though.
This game is really shaping up to be fun to play, balanced, and allowing some creativity. You can give Hulk free air dash. That’s what I was looking for with the gem system.
Now they only need to polish these horrible graphics and visual in general, like less zoom and better hud.


Then you’re either blind or don’t remember what SFXT looked like. I’m seeing the same janky ass animations and combos that send people flying in the wrong direction, as well as the same tagging system.


Ultron apparently didn’t get the memo about no assists.


What SFxT looked like is nowhere near as important as what SFxT played like. And this does not seem to play like SFxT at all.

Provided people don’t manage to break the game. But then again, nobody’s ever managed to break a Marvel-game.

That being said, resets are more fun than ToDs.


You’re right, it seems to somehow be worse.


There seems to be a cooldown on tags. Might be different depending on the situation. That said, it could still lead to some very grimy situations, especially if it’s more reset focused.


game is probably optimised so that it can also be played on IOS and Android. Would explain alot of things…


I’m trying to spot what the limit is on the stones. So far I gather that the time stone lets you do an invincible forward dash/teleport, space does a weird black-holey thing that sucks the other player closer to you, and power stone increases damage.

Near the end of the video chris uses the time stone twice(scream TIME STONE LEEEL) but I don’t see it consume any meter or infinity stone gauge. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Too bad we didn’t get any footage of X but now that I’ve finally seen the game in motion I think it looks good. Music sounds like the same overproduced technoey garbage from umvc3. I was really hoping for the style to go back to what it was in the original mahvel.


Switch port incoming?


Well, he’s a badass villain.


Ultron looks grimy as fuck. Very Mahvel.


Quick question - Who came in your cereal?
Seriously, at this point the gameplay looks nice enough and it’s like you realised that most people agree with you in that the graphics are lacking at the moment so you thought “Better shit on the gameplay”. The gameplay has a tagging system which functions with some similarities to SFxT. Then it adds air combos, otg’s, relaunches and some crazy shit for the Gems. Right now I’m thinking about doing Ouroborus stuff while my opponent is trapped in a box thanks to the Space Gem and you’re like “This game looks awful in every way”.
We get it, you’re not impressed.

@Citrus_monkey - The minor activations don’t use any resources (As far as I can see) so you can use the Time Stone dash or Power Stone wall bounces but it’s the big crazy shit that turns the stage into your Gem’s associated colour that use the Gem bar.


It’s free. Chris does it at the beginning of a match. but it seems the time stone only dashes forward, if not, it’s only horizontal dash.


I think he pretty much mentioned somewhere that he doesn’t like grimy Mahvel play, and the game as it is right now is full of hints of that grimy Mahvel play.


Strider’s new air super is his move from Strider 2. Seeing Ouroboros as a lvl1 again makes me happy.

Just touch up the graphics and we in there.


For the most part, SFxT v2013 had good gameplay, some obvious issues aside. Everything else about that game was shit, but I enjoyed the gameplay more than any other post-SFIV Capcom Fighter.

Also comparing a fast-paced airdasher with a methodical, footsie-based game is like comparing apples and oranges. They won’t be anything alike.



You mean the shit the rest of us tend to play Mahvel for?
Well if that’s the case then surely SFxT would be ideal for them then?