MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


I think he pretty much mentioned somewhere that he doesn’t like grimy Mahvel play, and the game as it is right now is full of hints of that grimy Mahvel play.


Strider’s new air super is his move from Strider 2. Seeing Ouroboros as a lvl1 again makes me happy.

Just touch up the graphics and we in there.


For the most part, SFxT v2013 had good gameplay, some obvious issues aside. Everything else about that game was shit, but I enjoyed the gameplay more than any other post-SFIV Capcom Fighter.

Also comparing a fast-paced airdasher with a methodical, footsie-based game is like comparing apples and oranges. They won’t be anything alike.



You mean the shit the rest of us tend to play Mahvel for?
Well if that’s the case then surely SFxT would be ideal for them then?


Dirty as fuck.

That’s how I love my Marvel.


another poster who has sources…


(Today, 12:05 PM)

Btw, hearing more about the gameplay for MvC, i’m even more hyped than I was. They are delivering with the gem system here. It’s basically your 3rd character. You guys haven’t even begun to fathom the depth yet. And you’ve only seen 3 of the 6.


B-b-b-but gems was bad on SFxT!


When watching the video I was like talking to my friends and said “So I’m liking Strider/Ultron and maybe the Space Gem for some crazy Pull-in, Ouroboros stuff” and then saw that box and was like “Ouroboros in a box. I need to go towel myself off”.


The space stone seems like a perfect fit for a comeback mechanic with teleport characters. Just build half of the bar, activate it and go ham.


Apparently there might be a connection between the Soul Gem and the dead character remaining on the screen.

If that could be used to revive them…oh shit.


Also, from him, when a guy mentioned bodies not disappearing:


Strider might need a specific gem to return Ouroboros to it’s former glory…maybe morrigan does too w/ astral vision


Does have that mobile fighting game vibe to it. Looks cheap and bland. Still seems a lot like mvc3, which I hated, but probably a good thing for most of you.


I think I won’t mind the dirtiness so much now that there is an escape option…


I don’t think you do get it. The game play does look like absolute shit, more of the same practically nonexistent neutral game with a heavy focus on never ending combos and resets. The animations are jank as fuck and dont make any sense with characters flying in directions opposite from the ones indicated by the attacks they get hit with, which gives it a really sloppy look and makes the gameplay messy (how the fuck are you supposed to make sense of a downward kick that makes you go flying diagonally up? Unpredictable trajectories make for a very unfun and kusoge-esque combo system that’s hard to track and make things connect). The rest of it, I get it, you want stuff that looks busted on principle, sure. But the gameplay itself looks amateurish and awful, like they got a bunch of newbie unity devs to try and make a Marvel game and said “eh, good enough” at what they eventually made.

TvC looks a million times better than this janky garbage and it’s a huge disappointment that it’s not gonna be anything like it.


I don’t know, i kinda dig the new one and the fact they are using blue electricity this time.

And Hawkeye does have a new lvl 3, wonder what that means for Ant-Man.


It definitely looks like a prototype. I’m noticing janky stuff when the characters switch.
Its crazy that this is coming out in half a year.


Looks like total garbage, I highly doubt I’m buying it at this point


Yeah I hear Chun’s theme as well, so character themes are back. I made out somewhat of Chris his theme as well.