MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


There’s a difference between grimy and just plain bad. I don’t care if the space gem traps you in a tiny box, or whatever the fuck gimmicks the gems give you, it’s mostly the lousy flow of the game, janky animations, bad graphics and lack of neutral game that I find upsetting.


Nah I messed up, I was talking about his new Mighty Punish vs his old one. The MVC3 one has a lot more force and the lightning looks more powerful. I don’t mind the blue electricity in MVC:I I can dig it.


Interaction with dead bodies seems nice. I hope there’s more options instead of just “reviving your fallen team mate”.


Looks like garbage, but I think I see a clean napkin in there. I was all out of napkins.
Could be a filled with germs but yknow, sometimes? Fuck it.


Well, it’s not like casuals will look at a video and say “man, look at that precise spacing of Thor before he did a command grab!”. If neutral is so important to you, just wait for some event and go play it, or wait for some exhibition matches between pros. It’s not like you could gather this info from a video made by the developer with the intention of being flashy to grab casuals attention.
I agree with you with the graphics and animations, but a marvel game playing like a marvel game isn’t a bad thing for the majority of people.


Looks Much better in motion, i don’t have a issue with returning movesets,

I don’t really understand the system, however looks like alot of potential

MAJOR gripe, the camera is way to close atm , makes the stage look tiny, the lighting is terrible

Don’t care about the music, bump my own shit anyways,


Lots of people saying it looks like shit…it looks fine to me. Not oscar winning by any measure but I think it looks good. Some animations and the overall textures could use some polish but it doesn’t even begin to offend me as much as ken’s face or background elements at 30 fps.

I’m pretty surprised to see that tag-ings are free and can be done on blockstrings too, I guess they wanted to compensate for the lack of assists that way. I hope there’s some kind of limit to it in the long run because that can be easily exploited…

I’m hype to see what the other gems do. I’m guessing the soul gem revives your first downed character with a fraction of their health. I’m sort of anticipating the mind gem to be some kind of parry perhaps. For the reality gem; I don’t have a clue.


Hey, uh, so does anyone else see what it says when Strider finishes the combo?
"Easy Hyper Combo"
Hopefully this means that the “simplified” controls are just Easy mode, which was already in MvC3.


This right here tells me that either you are a bad fighting game player, or are trying to act elitist for the new blood here but how do you have enough information to say that there is no neutral game?

Did you even pay attention to how the combo system works? Do you know the full movelists of all the characters? Do you have some sort of inside info where there are 5 second ToDs because from what I’ve seen of the combo system its the opposite.


Maybe it’s a macro button super? They could compensate it with less damage.



Only benefit of the doubt I can give them is that there was an easy mode way back even in MVC1 (no one used it). Im thinking different gems could also give you different types of supers?


I’m liking what I’m seeing from the gameplay. My boy Hulk have otgs and anime combos brings a time to my eye. I’ll have to use time gem for universal airdash. I’m ok with this.


So, been thinking about the Ultron Sigma name. It sounds dumb, but the writing is pretty cool: Ultron Σ.


Gameplay looks interesting with potential.
The visuals look absolutely terrible.


It looks like the partner sits on the sidelines for quite a while after an Active Switch…


I liked the gameplay somewhat.

It brings some TvC and SFxT vibe for sure. I’m interested about the other stones, Space seems broken as fuck. Yay Mahvel.


Space activation seems broken, but the regular effect seems kinda meh.


From what I gathered the combos are way too long

I can tell just by looking at it that the focus is on combos and nothing else. Considerinf the lack of neutral in the last Marvel title I am absolutely convinced that they’re trying to emulate that. You talk a lot of bullshit now but we’ll see who’s right in the end. The rest of your moronic arguments can be summed up with this:



And wtf, did they change Chun’s VA? It’s not Laura Bailey anymore?

I’m glad that her air super came back and I got a boner. But when I saw the animation of the move, it made my dick hide in my sack, holy fuck.

Yeah, I agree there. Let’s see what happens in the future tho, I predict a lot of dirty stuff with this.