MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th



For it not to seem like they could announce iOS/Android compatibility at any moment…


So they’re literally reusing EVERYTHING under a new skin

This game is a fucking cashgrab, probably to fund some more Chun-Li costumes for SFV

Rest in peace, Marvel vs Capcom, you didn’t deserve to go down this way


[] Have 30 characters or more in a single purchased and release date
] Decent single player modes like arcade and etc in a single purchased and release date.
[] I prefer the 6 button layout, but MVC2, TVC and UMVC3 works with me too. No less than 4 button usage.
] No casuallized of command execution just keep it like UMVC3
[] Lots of character from Capcom’s obscure fighting game franchises other than V.Savior.
] Nostalgic crossover exclusive character to return.
[*] No lock and DLC based gameplay mechanics.


I need to ask, why is the reuse of assets a bad thing? It saves time and money on the game’s development and it’s common practice.


Stuff I won’t get.

-Nice animations.
-Good graphics and art direction with lots of nice bright colors.
-Music that isn’t total shit.
-The slightest semblance of balance.
-A complete roster at launch without having to buy any DLC.
-Actual care and thought put into the game.
-Juggernaut and/or Hugo.

None of this stuff is happening because Capcom doesn’t care anymore. The series has been digested and shat out by the corporate machine which everyone here is going to gobble up regardless of how it turns out, because they’re wailing hyper consumers who can’t live without the game or their funky pops. The games are just going to get worse and worse until what constitutes a new game release is just a Ryu cosplayer showing up to your house, clubbing you in the kneecaps with a bat and taking $100 from you (which someone like d3v wold probably still rate a 7 out of 10).

Overall, I’m not interested and I’m getting off this boat before it capsizes. I weep for Sigma.


It’s because of the mid-combo tags, don’t get me wrong. lol


Why are you really here?
Because it’s not like you’re here for Mahvel.


You can keep holding out hope that the game will somehow change, but it’s not going to. It’s out in only a few months. All the indications are there that it’s going to suck. Abandon ship or bend over. These are your only options.


So you make a claim, have no supporting evidence to back it up, and your trying to be a funny guy to make it look like you aren’t a low IQ individual. I asked what. Is it the long confirmation time for normals? Are OTGs a problem? Does hit stun deterioration not work? Do wall-bounces not have limits? WHAT?

I call a spade a spade when I see one. You can’t even support your own claims.


I think it’s still Laura Bailey, But she does sound a little different. Once you listen to her voice a few times, you start to realize it’s the same voice actor.



interesting thread here


Where are people getting sfxt vibes from? Did anyone here actually play it?,

It’s not even close


The SFXT comparison is reaching Meme levels at this point.


SFxT comparisons are complete bullshit. It boils down to “this is the Capcom game I didn’t like so it’s like that”.


Sigh. I’m sick of trying to explain myself to a jackass.

The animations and graphics look like shit, the combos take way too long (meaning that hey are undoubtedly going to be the focus over everything else), and I simply don’t like the way it looks. Is this getting through yet, dipshit? I said I don’t like how it looks. That’s what I said from the very beginning. You trying to get me to prove an opinion is an idiotic thing to do. There’s no claim being made here, I simply said that I don’t like it.


You claimed the game had no neutral earlier. Not knowing the limit of the mechanics and how they all blend together. Now you just dialing it back because you got call out on it.


So, let’s speculate on the other gems:

Mind: parry and projectile reflection, activation is infinite meter
Reality: create portals, reverse the opponent controls on activation
Soul: drain meter or/and health, activation is ressurection


So you see a couple of 12 hit combos and assume there’s little to no neutral based off of that…

You sound like a scrub man, can’t lie. And you’re whiny af. Stop being a bitch.


The game has no neutral = Claim. Can be disproved. At the very least the burden of proof is on you

I don’t like the way the game looks = Opinion

That joke I made about your IQ was just a little jab but I am starting to believe that it is true