MVC Infinite Lounge: DLC Characters and Costumes launch Dec 5th


Taking out the X-Men and/or Fantastic Four franchises because of the Fox shit would suck. The series began with a X-Men only game, then it expanded. Dr. Doom is one of the most important villains in the Marvel universe, the character is really important.

Anyways, gimme my boy Gambit, my bro Cyclops and my waifu Psylocke back. Rogue, Colossus and Iceman are welcome too.


Only thing amazing about Psylocke is the booty, the rest of her can get benched.


I both hate and love you PervyJin.


I was right about 8 SF2 characters, 4 Alpha characters and 4 new characters launching SFV. I was also right about SFV getting 5,000 people at Evo and surviving the casual crisis. I’ll be right about this.

I was also right about Ibuki being the next character to be revealed after Guile. Based Haunts wouldn’t lie.


Inb4 the game is ruined by Marvel’s SJW writing staff demanding black Spiderman, female Thor, black female Iron man, muslim Ms. Marvel and fat retard Squirrel Girl


The only one thats a problem is fat retarded squirrel girl.

Sexy squirrel girl or no squirrel girl.


Maximilian has put out a video denouncing the rumors and has placed a 5 percent chance of Marvel 4 being revealed at Capcom Cup. Do not invest into this portrayal of doom and gloom for Marvel 4. He is doing this simply so that when Marvel 4 is revealed, they will consider him a god as Marvel 4 will release despite only 5 percent projected chance. He’s using the power of Trump rising over the media as a front to make this look more momentous than it already will be and then become the most watched channel on Twitch and YouTube.

He is also suggesting that the Marvel Illuminati are simply building fake hype to drum up interest for a future reveal. As we all 100 percent know, Lupinko only says something about Marvel when it is true.


2v2 + assists would be amazing. MvC1 already did that, and MvC2 was generally played as if you had 2 point characters and an assist. MvC3 tried to get around that with X-Factor, but you still had characters only played for their assist (Doom mainly) and a lot of people just didn’t enjoy eating a reverse OCV because of X-Factor. The game generally turns into 2v2 anyway, might as well balance around it.

Also, this means a smaller playable roster, which takes some of the pressure off of Capcom. Maybe we’ll get more character-specific installs like SFV’s V-Trigger mechanic? We already had a lot of those as supers in MvC3 (Astral Vision, Denjin Ryu, Devil Trigger) so it makes sense.


Yeah, but I got 2 words for you.


Donald Trump


Jin I absolutely love you for being the memelord you are. It’s hilarious. Keep it up. Cheers


She-Hulk and Deadpool are already confirmed.

Still, I’d better see Juggernaut.


She won the popular vote so I was only partly wrong and somewhat right. Country boys got the Trump in. A recount for key states is in progress.



how did you not know about this

the marvel song is literally

take you (()) a ride

the website was tu(())ar

welcome to the future


No X-Men character already screams fake. Hard to believe a versus game can happen when the only reason why the versus game exists is because CotA was the core of said series.


There isn’t anything saying no X Men characters, but things change. COTA isn’t even really anything much like what Marvel is now. Marvel 3 already pushed a large part of the Xmen cast out of Marvel in favor of other parts of the universe. The purge of Xmen characters within Marvel is very real and if you open your eyes you can very much see it. Xmen COTA was made literally 20 years ago. A LOT of things change in 20 years. Red Ranger is in jail, Yellow ranger is dead and Pink Ranger is still cute.

With that said, that still doesn’t guarantee that they can’t jump through some loopholes to get Mag and Wolvie in.


What did Lupinko say last time again


What he said just now is in the first post.

What time are you asking for?


I wonder if tech rolling will be back in to escape out of OTG situations. A strong emphasis was on the OTG combos in MVC3 where certain guys could take a shit, get a drink of water, and then combo (Nova’s air throw) you right after. I feel like adding tech rolls like MVC2 would be great, since you’d at least be able to get yourself out of the situation…assuming you guessed right.


About Marvel 3 related stuff


Yeah, here’s how that’s going to go down.