MvC Keepaway Online Help?

Hey all!

I’ve been playing keepaway with Tasky-a/Doom-b/Sent-a for pretty much since i bought the game (like 2 weeks ago haha). I was doing alright online, but i seem to have hit a wall lately.

Can anybody help me improve? What i mean by this is, basically, play me online, tell me what I’m doing wrong, how to improve etc?

I really want to improve my keepaway game, and even though watching Level Up tournaments has helped me somewhat, I still feel I need/want to improve more :confused:

Thanks all!!

EDIT: I play on x360…

I don’t claim to be much help, because im not too skilled (though i am getting better) I’d be willing to try and help if youll do the same! I need to work on my keepaway too so im not too sure how much ill actually help.

Either way if you want to play let me know.

yeh ok, send me you gamertag, n I’ll add you tonight…