MvC low(er) execution BnBs

Been playing more MvC lately and EVO got me really pumped, and I’ve been trying to figure out who I want to play. I’m not very good so I run into execution barriers a lot, so I was wondering if anyone had advice for MvC as far as characters that are easier to pick up than others (like not Zero or Morrigan). Right now the only relatively solid member of my team is Dormammu on anchor. Besides that I’m willing to learn anything. I’d been playing Joe/Doom/Dormammu lately, but there are things with Joe I never seem to execute right, or if I do it’s once in a blue moon, like IAD Voomerang spam and for some reason M RHK -> H RHK. I’d heard that Haggar might be a good starting point? Suggestions don’t really have to have synergy with Dormammu, just looking to up my game overall.

I can’t help with team synergy since I don’t really know how to play the game, but from tooling around with characters and their basic combos, you could also look into:

Ghost Rider
Captain America
Spencer (so Ive heard… )
Tron Bonne
Trish (maybe)

My execution is godawful and it’s been making it difficult to get into the game, so I’m trying to find an easier team to utilize as well.

Wolverine BnBs are easy. I don’t know about keeping Joe, but Wolverine’s stuff is really… REALLY easy.

Doom’s hard.

I agree with all except maybe Spencer, with his full screen zip loop.

Wolverine/Wesker(Samurai Edge)/Dormammu(Dark Hole)

Perfectly good and easy team.

Thanks for the advice. I’d been playing Haggar/Hulk/Dormammu lately but I’ll give Wolverine/Wesker a try, I haven’t really used them at all so far.

If you want to be even slightly efficient tron, trish, spencer, ryu and thor are not easy at all. Their intermediate bnb’s are about as hard as anyone elses bnbs and by intermediate i mean more than just lmh s mmhs

Wolverine is the go-to answer but… be very careful about the DP->Fatal claw loop. It’s one of those rare cases where dropping a combo is not only lost damage but also punishable and can even lead to a lost match.

Wolverine and Dormammu work quite well together. Then you have room to add pretty much anyone you like.

Or just be a cookie cutter and add Doom.